Vizru Platform Kubernetes Version Released
August 05, 2019

Vizru announced the immediate availability of the Vizru Platform Kubernetes version.

By deploying Vizru’s no-code application development software stack on the cloud-native container orchestration framework, the Company is enabling users to leverage the solution across diverse cloud environments to achieve higher efficiency, scalability, and portability.

"This is an important development for Vizru, as it enables us to run our platform on any cloud. Google and other major cloud service providers offer Kubernetes, and internally many of our customers will choose to deploy their own clusters over the next few years. The Kubernetes version enables us to abstract and separate our software from the customer's environment, while remaining flexible going forward,” says Lucas Roberts, Chief Solution Architect of Vizru.

Using Kubernetes and Docker, the Vizru Platform will work seamlessly in any customer environment by running on both private cloud and on-premise servers in a manageable way. More importantly, it allows customers to manage their infrastructure and roll their own clusters or choose the most optimal cloud service provider to run their Kubernetes clusters on.

“Containerizing the Vizru Platform has enabled us to achieve a robust micro service architecture with ‘no strings attached’ to the host OS, which has made deployment a hassle-free task. However, we took it one step further by porting it to the more popular production grade orchestration tool Kubernetes, which is already available among many cloud providers which has resulted in even less overhead during deployment,” says Favas Ishaque Nalakath, Senior DevOps Engineer at Vizru.

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