White Papers

Want to reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering software changes while deploying more often? This white paper, The importance of Continuous Delivery, shows you how to design your processes so you can deploy changes on-demand with confidence.

This ebook speak to the needs of modern DevOps teams, always being asked to deliver more in less time. By understanding the value of each pillar, and learning practical implementations, DevOps teams can meet these challenges head-on.

This report focuses on OSS security perspectives and how to improve OSS security and sustainability.

As organizations increase their SaaS adoption, they start facing governance challenges. The mere variety of DevOps tools makes it complicated for enterprises to build cohesive release automation activities for each SaaS offering. As a result, they struggle to resolve issues involving multi-SaaS management. What are the requirements for SaaS Application Management features, and a SaaS DevOps platform? Before you wrestle with SaaS chaos, read on!

Niche application security solutions can interfere with DevOps agility, and can impede with the security of microservices and workloads. This buyer’s guide outlines the considerations and questions to apply when choosing a third-party, end-to-end, enterprise-grade application security solution.

For developers, secret and credential leakage is a problem as old as public-facing repositories. In a rush to deliver, developers will often hard-code credentials in code or neglect to review code for exposed secrets. This paper reviews the dangers of secret leakage, the challenges in protecting secrets in the SDLC, and strategies for secret leakage mitigation.

Read this eBook for a look at the critical steps companies can take to get started with DevOps for SAP. Topics include:
- What is DevOps?
- The process, people, and tools you need to get started
- How to make DevOps for SAP a success
- The benefits this new approach can bring

With the integration provided by SAP DevOps automation, you can:
- Accelerate today's SAP change processes by connecting more of the tools you use, like Jira and ServiceNow
- Build SAP into wider DevOps pipelines
- Deliver SAP change faster, improve software quality and increase visibility and collaboration across the business

Download this ebook today to discover how automation can help integrate SAP development with the rest of your IT landscape.

Based on work with hundreds of organizations that use SAP, Basis Technologies set out 10 steps that can help you to move away from old-school, waterfall-style change management to a fast, agile, responsive way of delivering meaningful, business-enhancing change in SAP. Download this eBook to learn more.

In this eBook we will explore the practicalities of implementing DevOps for SAP systems and the impact this approach can have at the various stages of change delivery – from development, through testing, pre-production and production.

Explore 21 GitHub security practices that can increase the robustness of your repositories and help implement a security-first approach for your development teams.

This buyers' guide explains the top considerations when evaluating a cloud native security solution, and best security practices to implement to secure applications from pre-build through the CI/CD pipeline, during build, registry and runtime.

This guide explores the unique considerations Kubernetes presents for cloud-native application security and how to build on top of its built-in security foundation and embrace DevSecOps. It includes research on the security state of open source Kubernetes components and practical guidance for embedding security best practices at each layer of Kubernetes applications and across the development lifecycle. If you’re interested in operationalizing cloud-native security for manifest to workload coverage, this guide is for you.
Download the DevSecGuide to Kubernetes to learn:
- Security considerations across each layer of Kubernetes
- Inherent security advantages and challenges with Kubernetes
- Best practices for embedding security across the development lifecycle
- And more!

This best practice buyers guide outlines the hurdles you may encounter when securing your cloud infrastructure, and opportunities to streamline your cloud security stack. It delves into various cloud security solutions to help your organization select the right tools for your cloud applications.