White Papers

Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) is a new category that Gartner expects to bring a fundamental change to the application world as it requires us to redefine our understanding of what an is application stands for: It's more than just code; it includes cloud components as well. In this eBook, Backslash dives deep dive into this new paradigm.

Explore the impact that cybersecurity EO 14028 and the efforts of CISA and NIST have on embedded software development. Dive into how to produce well-secured software and security by design.

The defensive tax, which is the time AppSec teams spend chasing vulnerabilities vs. driving scalable cloud-native AppSec policies, is real and is being felt across enterprises of all sizes. Read this report to find out more.

How can you ensure the application your software team develops is ready and reliable for all the scenarios of the real world? Discover the benefits of an environment-based approach. Learn how to overcome test environment challenges with service virtualization.

Learn about the positive impacts of AI and ML in software testing. Find real examples of how it’s being used to improve static analysis adoption, increase unit testing coverage, improve API testing, efficiently automate UI testing, and remove redundant work.

Learn the key capabilities and features to look for in a service virtualization solution to make sure your organization is maximizing return on investment.

Niche application security solutions can interfere with DevOps agility, and can impede with the security of microservices and workloads. This buyer’s guide outlines the considerations and questions to apply when choosing a third-party, end-to-end, enterprise-grade application security solution.

For developers, secret and credential leakage is a problem as old as public-facing repositories. In a rush to deliver, developers will often hard-code credentials in code or neglect to review code for exposed secrets. This paper reviews the dangers of secret leakage, the challenges in protecting secrets in the SDLC, and strategies for secret leakage mitigation.

Explore 21 GitHub security practices that can increase the robustness of your repositories and help implement a security-first approach for your development teams.

This buyers' guide explains the top considerations when evaluating a cloud native security solution, and best security practices to implement to secure applications from pre-build through the CI/CD pipeline, during build, registry and runtime.

This best practice buyers guide outlines the hurdles you may encounter when securing your cloud infrastructure, and opportunities to streamline your cloud security stack. It delves into various cloud security solutions to help your organization select the right tools for your cloud applications.