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Use your GDPR compliance programs to prepare for the new CCPA requirements. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on January 1, 2020. Brazil has just passed new privacy regulations, and India is discussing doing so. GDPR standards and requirements are a common theme across this new legislation. Security and privacy professionals must repurpose their GDPR programs to comply with CCPA and address privacy globally. This Forrester report outlines the main steps companies must take today to kick off their preparation for CCPA.

In the industry’s first such test, ShiftLeft subjected its application protection capabilities to the expertise of real-world penetration testing from Cobalt Labs (a leader in penetration testing). During the 14-day penetration test, ShiftLeft was able to detect and block all attempted exploits against a vulnerable test application. This included protection for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, Java deserialization, and sensitive data leakage, among many others.The results demonstrated that ShiftLeft’s unique approach protected the comprehensively application (zero false negatives) while minimizing operational overhead (minimal false positives). Read the white paper to find out more.

With over 2000+ survey respondents, gain your insight into the landscape of database DevOps and see what trends, challenges, and opportunities are in store for 2020.

This whitepaper outlines how DevOps practices can be extended to the IT team, and the cultural shift required to capture the business value of Compliant Database DevOps.

Download this new whitepaper to discover the ROI of Compliant Database DevOps, the business value to be gained, and how it’s viewed from the perspective of a CEO, a CIO, or an IT manager. Paragraph description: What business benefits can Compliant Database DevOps bring your organization? How can you deliver value faster, whilst keeping data safe? This whitepaper illustrates the business value that can be realized and how it is viewed from the perspective of a CEO, a CIO, or an IT Manager. Using industry averages, the paper provides working examples of introducing DevOps practices across different stages of the database development and deployment process to calculate the ROI of Compliant Database DevOps. Download the whitepaper.

The database DevOps magazine from Redgate Software explores the new world of compliant Database DevOps, and how to protect against data breaches without turning the database into a deployment bottleneck.

There is, inevitably, a cost to introducing database DevOps, but what kind of return can you expect from that investment? Redgate used some pioneering research into the real business benefits of DevOps, and calculated the actual $ cost from some real-world examples, to show the return for every stakeholder involved.

DevOps is becoming the new normal in application development, and DevSecOps is now entering the picture. By balancing the desire to release code faster with the need for the same code to be secure, it addresses increasing demands for data privacy. But what about the database? How can databases be included in both DevOps and DevSecOps? What additional measures should be considered to achieve truly compliant database DevOps? This whitepaper provides a valuable insight.