DEVOPSdigest is an IT community blog that covers DevOps and related technologies and topics. DEVOPSdigest is one of the most popular websites focused on DevOps, and is also committed to providing the latest DevOps industry news 4 days every week, Mon-Thurs.

DEVOPSdigest is more than just an online magazine. It is a community in the DevOps space where analysts and consultants, users and vendors come together to discuss and debate the industry's hot topics, inform and educate each other, and ultimately strengthen and advance DevOps.

DEVOPSdigest does not hire journalists to write stories about DevOps. All blogs posted on DEVOPSdigest are written by members of the DevOps and development community expressing their own ideas and opinions.

All blogs posted on DEVOPSdigest are intended to be objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional content to educate and enlighten DEVOPSdigest readers.

All blogs posted on DEVOPSdigest are intended to be objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional content to educate and enlighten DEVOPSdigest readers. DEVOPSdigest strictly controls blog content to ensure it meets this objective. A blog posted on DEVOPSdigest can never be about a company, its brand, products or services — even if that company is a sponsor of DEVOPSdigest. This is what makes DEVOPSdigest unique in the industry, and what attracts thousands of readers every month, from across the global IT spectrum.

In further support of this goal, DEVOPSdigest does not post "sponsored content" about a product or service. Although DEVOPSdigest receives multiple requests every day to post sponsored blogs, many of them not even relating to the topics covered by the site, all requests are refused. DEVOPSdigest sponsors are allowed to include links and hyperlinks within their blog posts on DEVOPSdigest, but the copy of the blogs must remain objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional, so this is not the same as sponsored content. However, DEVOPSdigest does post links to sponsor content, such as webinars and reports.

DEVOPSdigest is vigorously opposed to the anonymous nature of social media, and consequently the site is designed so no person can make anonymous comments. That is why there are no comment boxes at the end of blogs and other content on DEVOPSdigest. Anyone who wishes to make a comment or statement on DEVOPSdigest must do it with attribution including the author's name, title and company, typically via a blog.

DEVOPSdigest covers the following topics:

■ DevOps

■ Development Processes

■ Development Technology

■ DevSecOps

■ BizDevOps

■ Development Automation

■ Cloud-Native Development

■ Containers and Kubernetes

■ Agile Development

■ Continuous Development

■ API (Application Program Interface)

■ Low Code/No Code

■ Development Monitoring and Analytics

■ Application Performance and Quality Testing

The following is a guide to the different content sections DEVOPSdigest offers:

The BIZDEVOPS Blog: A DEVOPSdigest blog featuring content from non-vendor industry experts, such as analysts, consultants, users and service providers.

Vendor Forum: A DEVOPSdigest blog featuring content from technology vendors in DevOps and a variety of related technology markets.

Features: Content not attributed to specific bloggers.

Industry News: News from DevOps-related markets, including new product releases and other vendor announcements.

White Papers: Links to white papers, eBooks, reports and other DevOps-related documentation supplied by DEVOPSdigest sponsors to the IT community.

Webinars: Links to upcoming and on-demand webinars supplied by DEVOPSdigest sponsors to educate the IT community on a variety of DevOps-related topics.

Free Tools: Links to free tool and free trial offers supplied by DEVOPSdigest sponsors.

Editor Blog: Pete Goldin's blog covering news about the DEVOPSdigest website such as new bloggers and new features of the site.

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The BIZDEVOPS Blog features several of the industry's most respected experts in DevOps and all related areas. Bloggers on the BIZDEVOPS Blog include analysts and consultants, users, service providers, and DEVOPSdigest Editor and Publisher Pete Goldin, providing valuable insight into the industry and technology.

If you would like to join The DEVOPS Blog, Contact Pete Goldin. If you are a technology product vendor, however, please check out the Vendor Forum below.


The DEVOPSdigest Vendor Forum was established to give vendors who sell DevOps-related technologies an opportunity to share their views with the IT community in an objective venue. All commentary in Vendor Forum blogs is intended to be objective, vendor-neutral and non-promotional content to educate and enlighten DEVOPSdigest readers.

All vendors in DevOps-related market spaces are welcome to blog on the Vendor Forum. DEVOPSdigest Sponsors are eligible to open multiple blogging accounts in the Vendor Forum. Non-sponsors are allowed to open and maintain one account per company at no cost.

Contact Pete Goldin to register for a blogging account.

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DEVOPSdigest posts one item of primary content — blog or feature — 3-4 times per week, Monday to Thursday. Consequently, there is often a queue of content waiting to be posted.

In addition, DEVOPSdigest posts 1-5 news items, Monday to Thursday, in the Industry News section.

Other content such as new webinars and white papers are posted regularly, but on no particular schedule.

DEVOPSdigest does not post content on weekends, or on US holidays and certain days around those holidays, including the week of July 4 and two weeks around Christmas/New Years.

APMdigest e-mails — including DEVOPSdigest content — go out twice per month, and the current mailing includes content posted since the last mailing. During July and December, APMdigest may only send one email for that month.


DEVOPSdigest provides "Hot Topics" lists that include every blog and feature posted on DEVOPSdigest about that particular topic. Industry news, webinars, white papers and free tools are not listed on the Hot Topics pages.

Links to all the Hot Topics can be found on every page, at the bottom of the right column.


DEVOPSdigest maintains a sponsorship program that enables technology vendors to promote products, webinars, white papers and free tools, and drive traffic to their websites. Click here to find out how you can sponsor DEVOPSdigest


DEVOPSdigest was launched in September 2015 as a partner publication to APMdigest. Click here to find out more about APMdigest.

Although funded by vendor sponsorships, DEVOPSdigest is completely independently owned and operated by Goldin Digital Publishing Inc. and Goldin Media.


Pete Goldin, Editor and Publisher of APMdigest and DEVOPSdigest and owner of Goldin Digital Publishing Inc., has been a publications consultant, manager and editor; freelance PR and marketing writer; and journalist in a wide variety of technology fields for more than 25 years. He has written PR and marketing materials for more than 100 technology companies around the world, including Oracle, Red Hat/IBM, Salesforce and VMware. In addition, he has written extensively for open source leaders such as SpringSource (founders of the Spring Framework) and Elastic (creators of the ELK stack).

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