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Deliver software with speed and reliability using a deployment automation solution that scales alongside your DevOps team.

Scan Git Repo for Secrets. Scanning lurking secrets is just minutes away! Say Hello to GitCustodian, the FREE app-based secret scanning solution for Git repo codes.

Increase business agility and competitiveness with faster, safer, more frequent delivery of SAP change.

Automate your cloud-native security from code to cloud. Streamline cloud security and enforce policies throughout the entire development lifecycle. Get started for free.

Are you tired of writing GitHub Actions YAML from scratch? Quickly generate customizable workflows for your Actions deployment with this free tool.

Writing your Jenkins Pipelines by hand? Here’s a better way. Get your Pipeline project underway quicker with this free tool.

Convox provides production ready, autoscaling, zero-downtime, Kubernetes-based deployments made simple.

Automated quality, security and accelerated delivery - No coding required!
- Connect with your own Source code repository (Github or Gitlab) and salesforce credentials using Vault
- Connect your Salesforce sandboxes or your non-prod orgs and automate the end-to-end release in < 30mins
- Move Salesforce metadata changes from one org to another
- Get built-in security and quality
- Get end-to-end visibility by stage and developer

From code to cloud, Check Point CloudGuard offers unified cloud native security across your applications, workloads, and network-giving you the confidence to automate security, prevent threats, and manage posture-at cloud speed and scale.

Book a free 60 minute workshop with a DevOps strategy advisor to build a plan to move you away from manual reporting to unified insights in one place.

BDEx provides a completely different way to manage billing exceptions in SAP. It automatically gives you a 360 degree view of all the exceptions associated with a particular customer. As a result, you can respond to and solve queries fast, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing agent workload significantly.

Testimony reinvents SAP regression testing by eliminating the cost, effort and complexity of test script creation and maintenance.