April 23, 2024
Kenn Hussey

I often find myself contemplating the practical usefulness of some of these "buzzier" trending terms in our industry, as I'm sure the rest of you are as well. Particularly, my recent focus has been on the actual utilization and usefulness of the "Platform as a Product" (PaaP) strategy ...

April 22, 2024
Adam Sandman

A transformative shift is happening at the intersection of software and hardware — particularly in the realm of digital twins — as the lines between software and hardware blur. As a result, organizations need to adapt quickly to this dynamic landscape ...

April 19, 2024

In Episode 57 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss IoT vulnerabilities for consumers ...

April 18, 2024
Mark Troester

The runaway train of change continues at a relentless pace in the world of IT infrastructure. As computing drives from on-premises to the cloud out to the edge, the proliferation of devices shows no sign of letting up either ... What does this mean for DevOps? ...

April 17, 2024
Kathleen McKnight and Vinay Bhola

We've been monitoring perceptions of Artificial intelligence (AI) for over a decade and early on we hypothesized that developers might be skeptical and have a difficult time trusting AI. We were wrong ...

April 16, 2024
Jean-Louis Vignaud

In today's business climate, companies are focused on reducing operating expenses, increasing customer value, and growing profit margins. With such objectives in mind, more businesses are adopting Value Stream Management (VSM), which prioritizes these and other business objectives. In fact, according to 2024 Value Stream Management Trends, a new survey of global business and IT leaders, VSM adoption and maturity continue to improve, and adopters report significant and widespread benefits ...

April 15, 2024

By 2028, 75% of enterprise software engineers will use AI code assistants, up from less than 10% in early 2023, according to Gartner ...

April 12, 2024

In Episode 56 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss tax fraud and how to be aware of it ...

April 11, 2024
Ajay Kumar Mudunuri

To showcase the true value of DevOps implementation, organizations should focus on metrics that provide insights into the key areas that require improvement. Let's uncover the critical DevOps metrics that matter and help organizations demonstrate the business value of their unique transformation initiatives ...

April 10, 2024
David Brooks

Since the inception of DevOps practices, technology providers in this field have generally focused on a single aspect of the Software Development Lifecycle. Some expanded their product lines with additional discreet offerings, but for the most part, a vendor provided either Planning, Orchestration, or Testing. They didn't combine the three in a single platform ...

April 09, 2024
Ty Sbano

As companies grapple with the rapid integration of AI into web applications, questions of risk mitigation and security are top of mind. AI-infused coding and secure defaults offer the potential for improved security, but organizations are still challenged with practical steps beyond just writing intent into policies and procedures. Further there are unique challenges with consumer-facing models not related to work, but something that must be managed as part of the growing attack surface ...

April 08, 2024
Omkhar Arasaratnam

Using open source software has many benefits for organizations. It fosters transparency and innovation, provides flexibility and customization, cuts cost on development and enables collaboration among other developers. However, organizations could open themselves up to risks if the open source software isn't developed securely ...

April 05, 2024

In Episode 55 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss the latest Linux SSH attacks and their impact on supply chain ...

April 04, 2024
Mark Troester

Recently, platform engineering has become the next big thing, sparking interest in its focus on developing self-service internal developer platforms (IDPs) for streamlined software delivery and lifecycle management ... In platform engineering, the platform is supported by layered services or tools, created and maintained by a dedicated product team, designed to help the needs of software developers by essentially stitching together components to create a frictionless developer experience ...

April 03, 2024

The continued maturity of platform engineering is shown by 43% of respondents reporting they have had a platform team for at least 3-5 years, according to the 2024 State of DevOps Report from Puppet. Key findings of the report include ...


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