December 07, 2023

Part 4 covers testing: The rapid advancement of GenAI will disrupt the testing landscape, enabling teams to significantly expand their testing capabilities with minimal additional resources. It will be used to facilitate automatic test creation and maintenance, address often overlooked edge cases, and rapidly generate insights to aid teams in critical decision-making processes ...

December 06, 2023

Part 3 covers platform engineering and DevOps costs: This year saw hype around platform engineering. Next year I expect to see platform engineering becoming production-grade, led by hyperscalers and larger organizations integrating this function and sharing their experiences with the industry ...

December 05, 2023

Part 2 covers application development: In 2024, composable applications will gain prominence as organizations seek faster development cycles, scalability, and cost efficiency ...

December 04, 2023

The Holiday Season means it is time for DEVOPSdigest's annual list of DevOps predictions. Industry experts — from analysts and consultants to the top vendors — offer thoughtful, insightful, and often controversial predictions on how DevOps and related technologies will evolve and impact development and the business in 2024 ...

December 01, 2023

In Episode 38 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss the security implications of the latest Apple iOS NameDrop feature ..

November 30, 2023

Ops teams are increasingly struggling as their Kubernetes environments grow more complex, according to The New Frontiers of Kubernetes: 2023 State of Production Kubernetes, from Spectro Cloud, based on a survey conducted by Dimensional Research ...

November 29, 2023
Lebin Cheng

The OWASP Foundation updated the API Security Top 10 list for 2023, outlining the most critical security risks for APIs in production. The updated guidance highlights just how much the API security landscape has changed since the original list was published in 2019 — including the rapid rise of business logic attacks (BLAs). Three of the top five categories on the Top 10 list are now related to business logic abuse, compared to just two in 2019. The updated list underscores the fact that if organizations want to bolster their API security, implementing safeguards capable of detecting and remediating abuse of business logic needs to be a priority ...

November 28, 2023

Serverless containers continue to rise in popularity — 46% of container organizations now run serverless containers, up from 31% two years ago — as teams look to improve developer productivity, according to 10 Insights on Real-World Container Use, a report from Datadog ...

November 27, 2023
Jeff Martin

Recent research conducted by ESG and sponsored by found just 52% of companies can effectively remediate a critical vulnerability — and even fewer (42%) are confident in their ability to manage the security and compliance risks associated with open-source software ...

November 24, 2023

In Episode 37 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss data security ...

November 21, 2023
Dotan Nahum

Cyberattacks are publicized much more frequently than the hard work security teams put in to stop them. 2017's WannaCry and 2022's Log4Shell were amplified by companies' failures to install readily available patches, causing highly destructive, expensive, and embarrassing consequences for victim organizations ...

November 20, 2023
Dave Sudia

The largest takeaway we should all be focused on for 2024 is this: Kubernetes technology is on a rapid growth trajectory ... In fact, 80% of developers surveyed in DZone's annual Kubernetes in the Enterprise 2023 report expressed that their organization was currently running Kubernetes clusters, and the report suggests that the Kubernetes industry may be close to reaching its saturation point ...

November 18, 2023

In Episode 36 of the Cybersecurity Awesomeness Podcast, Chris Steffen and Ken Buckler from EMA discuss cloud security ...

November 16, 2023
Stephen Feloney

Companies have touted AI's ability to make employees more productive and efficient, personalize services and experiences, and improve quality while decreasing human error. And today, many organizations also realize the competitive advantage of utilizing AI in workflows, especially in web and mobile application performance testing ...

November 15, 2023
Daniel Balla

More than 1,300 mobile practitioners shared a look inside their organizations' mobile strategies and revealed that just 8% of their companies have a dedicated team for mobile app development. While this may seem contradictory to companies' mobile ambitions, most developers will agree that pushing for an entire set of tools, resources, skills and talent dedicated to mobile alone is almost unheard of in the DevOps industry ...


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