Analyst Reports

Parasoft was named a leader in this report where Forrester identifies the top continuous automation testing (CAT) platform providers and scores them according to a 26-criteria evaluation. The report shows how the 15 most significant vendors measure up and offers an analysis to help application development and testing professionals select the right solution for their software testing needs.

Get a focused analysis on cloud testing and ASQ offerings to support your strategy and purchase decisions.

Learn how adopting DevOps automation in your company’s SAP systems could generate significant cost savings and business benefits.

Industry Analyst, IDC, recently took an in-depth look at the significant impact DevOps can have on SAP applications and recommended companies using SAP should assess and adopt targeted DevOps tools and strategies for success. DevOps enables organizations to accelerate transformation and innovation by building, testing, and releasing software more quickly and reliably. However, a large percentage of companies still use traditional waterfall approaches for SAP development and deployment, limiting responsiveness and competitive advantage. This IDC Technology spotlight considers the drivers and obstacles to SAP DevOps success as well as opportunities to use modern tools and practices to successfully support the adoption of this new approach.