On-Demand Webinars

Join industry experts in Splunk’s webinar featuring Gartner analyst Padraig Bryne to understand how to successfully incorporate Observability into your cloud migration strategy. Whether you’re just starting to refactor applications or already leveraging microservices, learn how to better incorporate monitoring, alerting, AI, code profiling, and end-to-end visibility to improve deployments and team efficiencies for troubleshooting production environments. In this webinar you’ll learn:
- How to gain more control and context with microservices as deployments increase in speed
- The power of OpenTelemetry standardization as you build for the future
- What success looks like with Observability in a cloud migration

Are you hungry for information on synthetic monitoring? Join Splunk for a virtual Lunch and Learn on integrating performance monitoring and optimization in the development lifecycle. Get a complimentary $20 gift card from Uber Eats on Splunk. The webinar will talk about:
- Operationalizing your performance strategy
- Integrating performance testing earlier in the development life cycle
- Proactively resolving UX and performance issues before they impact users

What steps can you take to make DevOps a reality in your SAP organization? In this webinar we'll look at the practical steps you can take to get up and running with SAP DevOps and the numerous business benefits DevOps can deliver. Join this webinar to learn about:
- Tangible actions that will get you started on your journey towards DevOps for SAP
- Why automation and tooling are so crucial, and the capabilities needed in an SAP environment
- How DevOps and automation are already delivering for many businesses

Join this live interactive webinar, Top IT and Observability Predictions for 2022, to understand the challenges ahead and the most effective approaches to solving them:
- Why observability is the next battleground for CX
- Why serverless and edge computing will be huge
- How AI is converging with observability
- Why everyone is using DevSecOps (even if they don’t know it yet)
- How Web3 technologies will impact digital services

What do leaders like you need to know to maintain your edge in the new year? Attend our virtual event, Executive Predictions 2022, to engage with our executives as we explore a future shaped by data. Learn more about trends and emerging technologies:
- Edge computing: There will be a lot of talk in 2022, but it’s not just hype.
- Talent: In the pandemic era, every organization must redesign how it attracts, trains and retains top performers.
- Cloud: A sudden, uneven rush into the cloud creates new challenges for customer experience.
- And More: Serverless, blockchain, and an explosion of M&A.

Join this interactive session to learn to how to continuously monitor your end user experiences in real-time and troubleshoot application performance down to the line of code. See first hand how you can:
- Understand end-user experience in real-time and identify, alert on critical patterns.
- Always be able to correlate end-user experience degradation due to backend applications down to the line of code.
- Inspect detailed information for every single request across your application.

Register for this webinar today to troubleshoot user experience issues all the way to the line of code. Find your application performance issues quickly and identify root causes for faster MTTD/MTTR as you keep critical customer services running at scale.

Join industry experts from Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they discuss serverless architecture and how Splunk’s AWS Lambda Extension provides a simplified runtime-independent interface to collect high-resolution observability data with minimal overhead. Join the live webinar and learn about:
- Serverless architecture and the serverless journey
- Challenges in operating serverless applications
- How to use Splunk’s AWS Lambda Extension to monitor, manage and optimize the performance and cost of your serverless applications

Join Splunk’s leaders, top customers and partners from around the world to hear how Splunk empowers you to turn data into doing and get an experience you won’t want to miss that’s filled with opportunities to enhance your skillset and network amongst peers.

This session will discuss OpenTelemetry, who’s behind it, what it actually contains, and the immediate benefits to Splunk customers and anyone who builds and manages production services. You’ll learn about how OpenTelemetry already powers new functionality in Splunk Observability Cloud, the amount of integrations and flexibility that it unlocks, and how it will bring together experiences across the entire Splunk product line. Join this interactive session which will cover:
- An overview on the OpenTelemetry OTel Collector architecture
- The benefits of OTel for increased visibility in your applications
- How Splunk is supporting and integrating with OpenTelemetry
- How to build an OpenTelemetry Pipeline for yourself

This webinar will dissect the 5 different strategies for cloud migration and application modernization; Rehost, Refactor, Revise, Rebuild, Replace. The webinar will walk through how to implement each one, review their pros and cons, and highlight the potential challenges if the time comes to combine them. Join the live webinar to learn:
- Everything you need to know about “The 5 Rs” in order to select the right one(s) for your migration
- The new challenges IT practitioners face from ‘Digital Transformation’ events such as Observability, Distributed Tracing, Service Monitoring, Business Insights and AIOps
- How Splunk can help you migrate, manage and secure your workloads for on-prem (or existing cloud) to Google Cloud(s) such as GCP or Google Workspace

Join Splunk’s Billy Hoffman for a deep dive into Core Web Vitals and see why incorporating these user-centric metrics into your deployments can create great user experiences and improve your business. In this webinar you will learn:
- What Core Web Vitals are, how they’re measured, and why they’re important to both the business and your Google ranking.
- What aspects of a web site, such as JavaScript size or critical rendering path, impact each metric.
- How to measure Google Web Vitals on your website.
- Which Performance optimizations should be adopted to improve specific Web Vitals.
- Best practices for benchmarking and improving web vitals scores.
- How organizations can put systems in place to prevent regressions.

Join industry experts from Splunk and ESG as they discuss what benefits global organizations that have adopted observability are experiencing in areas such as application performance, deployment velocity, and application development. In this interactive session, they will present some results from this research and then start a discussion around:
- What is observability and what outcomes you’ll see from adopting observability practices
- The four characteristics of a mature observability practice
- Common pain points in the adoption of observability
- What to look for in an observability solution and how to justify your requests

Join this webina as it showcases Splunk’s ability to identify issues across complete web transactions that span the end-user experience on web browsers, all the way to backend services. In this session, you will learn:
- How engineers benefit from unsampled data and end-to-end visibility across complete web transactions
- How to quantify full stack performance (frontend and backend) on your end-user experience
- How to troubleshoot complex user impacting issues

Join SplunkLive! Virtual! This free interactive educational experience is dedicated to helping you remove the barriers between data and action. Designed for technologists who want to learn about the Splunk Data-to-Everything Platform and new users looking to unlock the value of their data to power business and drive transformation.

In this webinar we'll look at the role agile development plays in providing organizations a way to deliver functionality, gather feedback and iterate more quickly than a traditional waterfall approach and what it specifically can do for SAP teams. Join this webinar to learn about:
- The origins of agile development
- Different agile frameworks
- Important concepts, techniques and tools
- Benefits of agile for SAP
- Examples of how SAP teams have adopted an agile approach

Splunk provides visibility across the entire IT landscape – on-prem, hybrid/multi-cloud leveraging data from any source, at any scale, and in real-time. Infrastructure can and should be an enabler for companies as they embrace DevOps practices and the journey to Cloud. Find out how visibility and action can turn infrastructure from being a bottleneck to a transformation accelerator. What to expect:
- Define and implement strategies that fast-track your digital transformation
- Understand the importance of full-stack visibility for all IT and engineering assets
- Accelerate hybrid and cloud migrations

Join Splunk SRE leaders Ram Jothikumar and Jakub Barc where they will discuss exactly how they keep the Observability Suite running, by using Splunk Observability Cloud to get full insight into every transaction, no matter when or where it happens. In this webinar you will learn:
- How Splunk uses Splunk’s tools to monitor and optimize performance of a 24/7 application relied upon by users around the world
- How to use Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring combined with Splunk APM to determine within seconds when issues exist and where exactly in the stack they are occurring
- How Splunk APM lets Splunk isolate issues to particular customers or regions effortlessly
- Why Splunk’s Observability Suite is the optimal way to get insight into your application

Join industry experts from Splunk and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as they discuss how to efficiently scale Kubernetes applications with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and how to gain observability into your entire Kubernetes environment with Splunk -- no matter where you choose to deploy Kubernetes clusters; on the AWS Cloud or on-premises. Join the live webinar, Scaling Kubernetes with Splunk and AWS, and learn about:
- Challenges in operating distributed cloud-native environments such as Kubernetes
- Key considerations in choosing Kubernetes platform - on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), serverless deployments using AWS Fargate or on-premises using Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D)
- Real-time monitoring and troubleshooting strategies for Kubernetes deployments
- Demo covering monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk

There are immutable laws and rules for many things, from nature to physics to karma. Observability, with its innate complexity, also has its own immutable rules, which transform elastic and ephemeral rote reactions to a clear and concise approach and understanding of your environment. Join this webinar to learn the rules you should understand with your approach to observability, including:
- The impact of open and flexible data ingest and instrumentation
- The impact of data retention and aggregation on blind spot analysis
- The observability corollary to the Von Neumann bottleneck
- The innate drive for seamless workflow integration

In this webinar Basis Technologies, pioneers of DevOps for SAP, and smartShift Technologies, leaders in the field of automated SAP system transformation, come together to discuss how automation solves some of the key challenges that stand in the way of a successful transition to S/4HANA. Join the webinar to learn:
- About the technical difficulty of migrating existing systems and processes to new S/4HANA systems
- How SAP-specific automation can help you to get to S/4HANA faster, with less cost, effort and risk
- The unique integrated solution provided by Basis Technologies and smartShift
- How DevOps automation and a Continuous Modernization approach help you get more from S/4HANA after go-live

Businesses depend on SAP, but in many the SAP change and upgrade cycle operates independently from other enterprise applications. A slower, rigid waterfall approach to SAP software development remains common, even where agile and DevOps have revolutionized development and delivery in other parts of the organization. This isolation of SAP drives inefficiency and reduces business agility. Integrating SAP into an enterprise-wide IT tool chain helps to accelerate the adoption of agile and DevOps, aligning the pace of change in back-end systems with the needs of customer business. This webinar explores the current drivers behind agile and DevOps outside of SAP, why these trends make sense for SAP teams, and how the SAP release cycle can be aligned with the wider business through tool chain integration.

Implementation of a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline in SAP systems provides far greater business agility, freeing organizations from the shackles of a defined release calendar by enabling safe, on-demand deployment of functionality as soon as it is ready.Watch the on-demand session to:
- Understand the type of tooling required for CI/CD, both inside and outside SAP systems
- Follow a step-by-step explanation of the life of an SAP change in a CI/CD environment, from requirements definition to production deployment
- Understand how automated delivery of SAP change can be integrated into an enterprise-wide multi-application pipeline
- See examples of the benefits that CI/CD can bring

The terms "DevOps" and "continuous delivery" occur with increasing frequency in conversations within the SAP community. But many SAP professionals have always worked on slow, large-scale waterfall developments and simply haven't had the chance to become familiar with — let alone expert in — what DevOps is, and the benefits it can deliver. This on-demand webinar will provide a basic primer on the topic of DevOps for SAP, including the origins of the concept, the core principles behind it and how — crucially — it enables faster, safer, more cost-efficient delivery of change that can transform the way you maintain, update and adapt your SAP systems.

Managing applications across different clouds is easier said than done. Organizations often cite challenges with siloed tools, inconsistent management and visibility gaps. In this session, Splunk and Google Cloud will demonstrate how Anthos and Splunk provide consistent ways to manage and monitor your workloads across multiple clouds. Join Splunk's webinar to learn:
- How to implement effective multicloud strategies and patterns.
- Anthos - how to achieve portability using Anthos across multiple environments.
- Multicloud observability with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring and Splunk Cloud.
- Monitoring and investigation of real-world performance issues with Splunk.

What is required for modern monitoring? During this live Q&A you will learn from our expert panelists the core capabilities that will drive a successful monitoring strategy no matter what your stack looks like.

Companies are achieving quantifiable results with AIOps today. Customers who have implemented intelligent, analytics-driven technology report 64% reduction in costly outages, improved business service performance and visibility, and hundreds of thousand dollars saved through more efficient IT management. Join this virtual summit to learn from leading analysts, partners and customers on how activating AIOps can help you ensure and improve business outcomes. Attend this virtual event to learn:
- Industry trends and recommended best practices from thought leaders
- Technical deep-dive on using AI-driven monitoring for SAP environments and services
- How Splunk customers are activating AIOps to modernize IT management

Are your apps and services distributed in the cloud, getting refactored as microservices or becoming more complex? If they are, you must factor in observability. Observability is about using all your data to help you find unexpected failure conditions, explain why they happened, and resolve them - FAST. This event is about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices to successfully build observability into everything you develop, deliver or monitor. Top Reasons to Attend:
- Better understand how observability is critical to key initiatives, such as cloud migration, hybrid/multi-cloud monitoring, application monitoring, and incident response
- Get a first-hand look at the practices and technologies that are core to observability
- Learn from those who have embraced observability as their approach to achieve stellar service availability and performance

Join Splunk for DevOps Open Source Insights and Innovations! This interactive virtual event will bring together topic experts to share their open source technology tips and best practices and offer attendees the chance to ask their own questions too.
Why Attend:
- Learn about specific DevOps OSS projects from the contributors
- Learn what Splunk is doing in the OSS world
- Help understand the challenges of adopting OSS
- Hear from high-tech companies and OSS thought leaders
- Network with industry peers

Aberdeen Research explores the challenges developers face in creating modern applications, as well as the strategies and capabilities that leading businesses are following to meet such challenges head-on by taking a new approach to Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Join us for a webinar to learn how leading organizations are leveraging modern APM to realize the following benefits:
- Control costs of application development
- Create better end-user experience
- Accelerate time to market of new applications