Upcoming Webinars

July 23, 2024

Join this webinar as Parasoft navigates the intricate landscape of continuous testing. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your testing strategies.

July 24, 2024

Join this demo to see how Parasoft Jtest addresses these testing needs in one complete solution so you can deliver high-quality software with confidence. Bring your questions to ask our experts about Java application testing best practices during the live Q&A after the demo. You’ll see how to:
- Create meaningful JUnit tests with a single click.
- Increase code coverage from 0 to 60% in 5 minutes.
- Verify code compliance to industry standards.
- And more!

August 07, 2024

See Parasoft's API, web, and cloud testing solutions in action! Technical experts will show you how to leverage Parasoft’s AI-powered platform to:
- Integrate API and UI testing into your workflow to reach quality and coverage targets.
- Quickly create and execute reusable and maintainable tests to validate functionality and reduce business risks.
- Simulate your test data and environment more effectively to isolate dependencies.
- Trace production deployments back to business and functional requirements with traceability and real time analytics.
Bring questions to ask our experts about your cloud and web application testing challenges.

On-Demand Webinars

Broadcom's takeover of VMware has caused chaos in the world of application infrastructure. You know that you're not looking for another vSphere to migrate to. But what if you could bring those VMs into Kubernetes and run and manage them with the same cloud-native patterns you use to manage your containers? This webinar will show you the best way to make a new home for your VMs in Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is everywhere in today's enterprise; data centers, clouds, the edge. How do you manage it all? Join Howard Holton, CTO at tech analysts GigaOm to drill into the required capabilities and criteria that organizations like yours need to look for.

This webinar delves into advanced techniques and tools designed to shift left and accelerate the validation of code changes. Expert speakers will cover:
- AI-enhanced unit test generation. Discover how to leverage AI-enhanced tooling to generate unit test suites to target uncovered or modified code, enabling your application team to meet coverage requirements faster.
- Test impact analysis. Learn methods to accurately determine the scope of code changes and identify the specific test cases needed to validate these changes, reducing unnecessary test runs and focusing efforts where they matter most.
- Intelligent test execution. Find out how to optimize testing by enabling teams to autonomously prioritize and execute the most critical test cases first, optimizing resource usage and speeding up the validation cycle.

Join this insightful webinar that will unravel the frequently asked questions surrounding the transition from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS. Discover the seamless path to migrating to Chef SaaS which is an alternative to AWS OpsWorks End of Life. In this webinar, you'll learn:
- Key considerations when migrating from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS
- Answers to common questions about the transition process
- Best practices for a smooth and successful migration journey
- The benefits of leveraging Chef SaaS for your infrastructure management needs

Register today to see Parasoft C/C++test CT in action! Take the next step towards delivering software excellence in the most demanding safety- and security-critical applications. Key Takeaways:
- Seamless integration into development workflows
- Enhanced testing for safety and security compliance
- Dynamic analysis capabilities

Chef Compliance and Security solutions assist with maintaining IT compliance and security across the enterprise with audit and remediation policy content based on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Benchmarks. In this webinar you will learn about:
- Relevance of CIS Benchmarks and how it can help you define baselines and help meet regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC 2
- Managing profiles based on the CIS Benchmarks, identify issues and facilitate swift remediation
- Gaining visibility into your compliance and security posture

In this webinar, the panelists will offer expert insights on the most effective strategies for identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating Application Security risks, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to enhance your security posture.

GigaOm’s recent Radar Report on API Functional Automated Testing serves as a potent tool for software development and testing teams. This comprehensive report evaluates nine prominent API test automation solution providers, meticulously dissecting their key capabilities and offering insightful comparisons. By tapping into such resources, IT leaders can make informed decisions, ensuring that the selected solutions align seamlessly with their testing goals and requirements. In this webinar, GigaOm will delve into the report’s findings and take part in a panel discussion on selecting the ideal API testing vendor tailored to your organization’s needs. Key takeaways:
- Crucial capabilities and features of API testing tools tailored for modern systems.
- The transformative impact of AI and ML on testing approaches, influencing API testing strategies.
= Watch a live demo of creating API tests with the power of AI.

Join Parasoft's webinar to learn more about the release and see a demo the company's complete support for MISRA C++ 2023.

Join a brief 20-minute product webinar featuring Amit Bismut, Head of Product at Backslash. In this short session, he will explore how Backslash's Reachability Analysis capabilities enable effective risk assessment and prioritization.

Dive into the future landscape of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), and more specifically, application security risk prioritization with us! This enlightening webinar will spotlight the groundbreaking role of reachability analysis – a must-have for today's appSec teams. ‍
Cut through the noise of alerts with reachability analysis and master the art of directing your previous resources towards the most critical vulnerabilities. Here's what Backslash industry experts will unravel:
- Strategies to eliminate oversight and unveil concealed risks.
- Harnessing native risk analysis for a comprehensive insight into vulnerabilities and their potential consequences.
- Strategies to eliminate oversight and unveil concealed risks.
Elevate your security analysis prowess. Join the webinar!

Join Parasoft on July 27 to learn how programs across the defense sector are using Parasoft's C/C++test solution to quickly baseline an in-depth understanding of inherited code while also creating the foundation for its safe evolution going forward.

In this webinar, Parasoft’s Chief Product Officer, Igor Kirilenko, and Nathan Jakubiak, Sr. Director of Development, discuss what’s going on in AI today, what they’re excited about, and practical applications of AI in the scope of software testing.

Parasoft offers complete support for MISRA C 2023 and MISRA C 2012 Amendment 4 with the release of C/C++test 2023.1, adding 19 new rules and three new directives. Our customers know they can rely on Parasoft for complete and continuous enforcement of safety and security coding standards. Customers can also increase productivity, cut costs, and shorten time-to-market with all of the new C/C++test 2023.1 features and enhancements. Join this webinar to learn about the new capabilities in Parasoft's C/C++test.