Upcoming Webinars

October 23, 2019

Richard Macaskill, Redgate Product Manager and experienced SQL Server DBA, will demonstrate different tactics enabled by Redgate’s latest new product — SQL Data Catalog — to build a clear picture of youur SQL Server estate, enabling you to ensure that the correct data is protected in the correct way.

October 31, 2019

Join this webinar as Parasoft discusses how to make Selenium smarter and address the key challenges of UI test automation. Key takeaways:
- How to spend less time maintaining, repairing, and fixing broken tests, using self-healing at runtime and AI-driven recommendations post-execution.
- How to rapidly build a maintainable testing practice from the very beginning, creating Selenium test suites with the Page Object Model.
- How to optimize test execution with Test Impact Analysis, cross-correlating test execution with underlying code changes to get quicker feedback from your CI/CD pipeline.

On-Demand Webinars

Join John Sterrett, founder of a SQL Server Consulting and Remote DBA Services company to learn the difference between Azure SQL Database, SQL Managed Instances, Elastic Pools, and SQL Virtual Machines.

Kendra Little will show you how to speed up software delivery with reliable, repeatable processes that remove the database bottleneck, with Redgate tools. Learn how you can empower your developers to innovate without sacrificing compliance, and bring DBAs into the SDLC early at critical review points.

Join Microsoft's Principal Cloud Advocate & DevOps Lead Abel Wang and Redgate's Steve Jones to learn what is DevOps, and how does it enable you and your organization to adapt? They will be discussing how you can explain the value of DevOps, the lessons learned from Microsoft's DevOps transformation and tips for advocating for DevOps as part of your 2020 planning.

This webinar shows you how to integrate API testing as the first step of your continuous testing strategy. You’ll learn the key techniques to shift-left your API testing practice and create broad coverage of your application at the earliest stage possible. Then, the webinar demonstrates how to leverage modern technologies like AI and service virtualization, to move you faster towards the path of continuous testing. Key takeaways:
- How to simplify and set up your API test automation with test creation and validation
- Bridging the gap between the UI and the API layers, leveraging AI to understand the underlying business logic that aligns API testing with user experience
- Why and when to bring in service virtualization as a key enabler for continuous testing

Join Microsoft MVPs Hamish Watson and Rob Sewell to discover practical solutions on how to bring DevOps to your database. In this fun-filled fast paced hour, you will learn new skills which will bring immediate benefit to you and your organization.

Join Jez Humble, a founding member of DORA well known for his groundbreaking research on IT performance, and Redgate’s Microsoft MVP Steve Jones to learn the latest insights from the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report – and what they mean for your organization and career.

This webinar digs deep into the ins and out of modern static analysis tools and the selection process. First, looking at what common features all modern tools should have, and then diving into additional features that can make tools suit your unique needs. It’ll cover capabilities such as support for necessary compliance standards, security, types of analysis, scalability within your organization, reporting & analytics, checker customization, and more. The webinar will also discuss the often-overlooked intangibles that can make or break your static analysis initiative. Key takeaways:
- Features modern tools should all have
- Understanding the intangibles that are most important for your needs
- The key factors that tell you if a vendor is the right one for you
- When to use open source or commercial

The difference between DevSecOps and SecDevOps might seem semantic, but the order of words carries different weight. In this webinar, learn how to bring security first in your DevSecOps initiative.

Watch Forrester's VP and Principal Analyst, Diego Lo Guidice, and Parasoft's VP of Products, Mark Lambert, discuss how leading organizations are leveraging these technologies to achieve higher levels of automation and augmentation.

Register for our free virtual learning event. The schedule includes educational and entertaining sessions from Microsoft MVP's designed to broaden your skill set, support your ongoing learning, and celebrate the last 20 years in the industry and at Redgate.

Register for this Microsoft hosted webinar to learn how Redgate tools for SQL Server help deliver software quickly. Microsoft MVP Kendra Little will show you reliable, repeatable processes that remove the database bottleneck.

SQL Clone 4 introduces Teams, allowing you to have more control over the instances, images and clones that users have access to, enabling safe self-service and delegation for DevOps and CI. Join us for a demo of the SQL Clone new release, V4, to see Teams in action.

Whether you are launching a revolutionary new initiative or expanding an existing effort, Ike Ellis will draw on his experience as a consultant and leader in software development to give you real-world tips to define, shape, and share your pitch successfully.

How Standard Bank overcame technical and cultural challenges to implement database CI/CD. Redgate’s Grant Fritchey talks to James Grant from Standard Bank about the challenges they faced along the way, how they overcame them, and the benefits they’re now seeing.

Join our expert panel as they discuss the key findings of Redgate’s 2019 State of SQL Server Monitoring survey including estate sizes, migrations issues, tooling and multiple database systems.

Tricentis RPA is now generally available! Tricentis provides the most resilient bots that help you achieve ROI faster than any other RPA solutions and sustain business value. Join this webinar to learn how.

Discover how adopting 4 steps will lay your foundations for automation and Compliant Database DevOps. Speeding up and simplifying team-based database development, allowing your IT teams to improve collaboration and free up their time to innovate, add value and focus on more enjoyable work.

As database teams grapple with tightening data protection laws and shortening release cycles, the need to implement robust development processes is greater than ever. Find out how Compliant Database DevOps enables agility while safeguarding your organization in the event of a data breach or regulatory audit.

This case study session will discuss how the IT team at PASS introduced compliant database DevOps in order to be compliant with the GDPR as well as upcoming legislation in the USA like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

An expert panel will be discussing what’s happened worldwide since the GDPR came into force one year ago: how global legislation has changed, which companies have been caught out and what’s likely to come up in the year ahead.

Discover how transitioning from shared database development to individual development environments is easier than ever thanks to database virtualization and source control technology.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to implement a test data provisioning solution that accelerates your development cycles and meets the needs of data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and the GDPR.

How can you ensure that everyone works efficiently and effectively in distributed teams? This webinar will take you through the key areas to ensuring Database DevOps success with a far located team.

Join online sessions designed to broaden your skillset, support your ongoing learning, and keep you up-to-date with the industry, presented by Steve Jones, Kendra Little, Grant Fritchey and Kathi Kellenberger.

Chris Unwin, Data Privacy and Protection Specialist at Redgate shows you how to spin up fresh database copies for dev and test in seconds, with whatever level of protection you need – masked data, unmasked data, or synthetic data sets. Including:
- Designing masking models up front so dev and test databases are born compliant
- Creating full copies of databases in seconds that take up only 50 - 60 MB of disk space
- Automating database provisioning as part of Compliant Database DevOps
- Establishing a simple, repeatable, transparent, and auditable process

You also learn about customers who’ve revolutionized database development with SQL Provision. Like, KEPRO, a US health provider, who switched to SQL Provision to comply with HIPAA and is now saving 20 hours a week on database admin.

Database DevOps might sound at first like it makes DBAs less relevant and easier to replace, but DevOps is actually a great opportunity to secure and advance your position as a DBA. Join an expert panel as they discuss how you can start your Database DevOps education and advance your career as a DBA.

DevOps and data privacy do not need to oppose each other, however. Rather, they can complement one another. So how can the promise of releasing changes to the database faster and easier be balanced with the need to keep data safe and remain compliant with legislation?

In this demo webinar, Microsoft Data Platform MVP and PASS President, Grant Fritchey will show you the important metrics that you need to track on your Azure SQL Databases.

In this webinar, Redgate’s Anderson Rangel gives a practical demo to highlight the importance of SQL Provision as a part of your Database DevOps story.

In this live webinar panel discussion, Redgate’s Anderson Rangel is joined by Microsoft Data Platform MVPs Hamish Watson and Kendra Little to discuss the benefits of SQL Provision.

Join this web seminar to hear Wayne Yaddow, an independent data warehouse testing consultant, and Raj Kanuparthi, a senior quality leader who has led big data testing initiatives across financial institutions, discuss:
- Why data testing is now an integral part of the quality process
- How data testing compares to “traditional” software testing
- How leading enterprises got started with data warehouse testing
- The top challenges and how to avoid them

Join Wolfgang Platz, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Tricentis, who will share his insights on:
- Why testing as we know will never really die
- How governance and Agile autonomy can coexist
- How testing needs to shift — left, right, and up
- What testers can (and must) do to successfully navigate the road ahead

DORA’s recognition of the critical importance of the database to DevOps in their Accelerate State of DevOps Report should act as a timely wake-up call to those companies that still see DBAs and developers as operating in separate silos. Join Microsoft Data Platform MVP and SQL Server Central Editor Steve Jones to discover how you can build a common understanding and atmosphere of collaboration.

More and more organizations are turning to DevOps as a way of working together to improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery and start adding more value to the business. But what exactly is DevOps and what does it mean for you and your organization?

Donovan Brown, Principal DevOps Manager at Microsoft, joins Steve Jones, Microsoft Data Platform MVP to discuss the latest in all things Database DevOps. They offer a closer look at the key findings in the 2019 State of Database DevOps Report, and investigate the growing importance of the database in successful DevOps and IT performance.

Register for this webinar to see why the adoption of DevOps won’t mean the death of manual testing. Topics discussed include:
- The changing role of manual testing and UI test automation
- What teams can do to meet required levels of testing, without compromising on speed
- What these changes mean for testing service providers

Agile and DevOps change the game for software testing. For Agile, each team needs to test faster and earlier. With DevOps, the organization requires automated insight into the business risks associated with every release. Join this webinar to learn what’s required to reinvent software testing for DevOps:
- Forrester research on what quality practices and metrics separate DevOps leaders from laggards
- An expanded definition of Continuous Testing for DevOps…beyond “test automation”
- What you gain by integrating your testing efforts — from BDD and open-source “DevTesting,” to scriptless functional test automation and load testing—across teams, projects, and applications with the Tricentis Continuous Testing Platform

Join this webinar to hear the latest results from DORA’s five years of research on how DevOps practices and tools — including Continuous Testing — put elite performers ahead. Following Nicole Forsgren, Tricentis Founder, and Chief Strategy Officer Wolfgang Platz will take a deep dive into why Continuous Testing is now so critical, and share examples of how enterprises can transition to Continuous Testing.

Join Microsoft Data Platform MVPs Kendra Little, Steve Jones, Kathi Kellenberger and Grant Fritchey live to discuss the highlights they’ve seen in 2018 and what cool things they hope to be surprised with in 2019. Along the way they'll share their own personal moments of glory, and favorite goofy memories as well.

Panelists Kendra Little, William Durkin and Hamish Watson are joined by guest, Tony Maddonna-Microsoft Platform Lead & SQL Server Enterprise Architect at BMW Manufacturing, to discuss examples of things they’ve learned the hard way.

Gartner recently published their 2018 Market Guide for Data Masking. In this 30 minute webinar, Microsoft Data Platform MVP Kendra Little will explore key insights, highlights, and recommendations from the report.

Have you heard the recent industry noise about how people are applying DevOps principles to databases and wondered if it is just hype? MVP Hamish Watson demonstrates how the noise is based on facts, and how using things like Source Control, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will make a huge (positive) difference to how you deploy changes to your SQL Server estate.

James Boother from COEO will be joining a live video session to discuss the seven steps some organizations are already taking to predict future risks with even greater certainty and the opportunities Data Mastery presents insurers.

PASS President Grant Fritchey will be joined by fellow Microsoft MVPs Kendra Little and Steve Jones to discuss their highlights and learnings from PASS Summit 2018, the largest Microsoft Data Platform conference.

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP Kendra Little will discuss the value of DevOps from the perspectives of CEOs, CIOs/CTOs, and Managers. She will explore how the role of CIOs and CTOs are undergoing a major transformation, and how DevOps aligns with that transformation.

Extended Support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 will end on 9th July 2019. This could leave you in a vulnerable position. In this webinar James Boother at Coeo exposes the problem, its scale and shares all the options you have for life beyond extended support.

Founder and Chief Technologist at Nebbia Technology, Esteban Garcia, joins Redgate to discuss how DevOps helps technology teams to go faster and automate everything. As teams lower the cycle time between idea and production, how can organizations leverage these new capabilities to improve product delivery and quality?

Compliance shouldn’t mean that you are forced to slow down your development process or compromise the quality of your work. In this webinar we will highlight the importance of provisioning as a part of your Compliant Database DevOps story and how it can accelerate your delivery processes while remaining in line with relevant legislation.

What if you could assess the performance level of your team by asking one simple question? In his recent webinar with Redgate, Gene Kim suggests that you can. Kendra Little will share her three key insights in this webinar and show why they make a compelling argument for rethinking your organization's change control process.

Including the database in DevOps initiatives greatly improves performance, decreases risk, and reduces software delivery times. This webinar will walk you through Redgate’s Database DevOps solution, showing reliable, scalable and repeatable processes for automating your database development and deployment.

As organizations move to hybrid or cloud estates, the perception is that monitoring those servers gets more complicated, particularly if you have different servers on different platforms. We will show you that it is actually quite easy to keep track of your databases and servers, regardless of where they are hosted, thanks to SQL Monitor.

Redgate’s Data Privacy and Protection Solution Specialist, Chris Unwin, will provide an overview of how a Compliant Database DevOps approach can help you balance the need to deliver software faster and cheaper, with the need to protect and preserve business critical data.

Join this webinar to learn how to break through the barriers created by manual SAP software testing - where even the smallest application changes can have a far-reaching and disrupting impact on your extended business processes. Paul Gerrard, systems testing thought leader, and Anand Akela, VP Product Marketing, Tricentis, will cover ways to:
- Ensure end-to-end testing across your key business processes
- Accelerate SAP testing times and improve overall quality
- Automate testing for multiple generations of SAP technologies
- Secure more than 80% business risk coverage for your key processes

A new Forrester research project surveyed more than six hundred organizations to determine what matters the most for DevOps and agile success. Join this web seminar to delve into a detailed analysis of the research findings, including the 20 most important quality metrics that separate DevOps and agile experts from their less advanced peers. All attendees will gain complimentary access to the complete report, and you will learn:
- How DevOps and agile are fundamentally altering the way we measure quality
- The five continuous testing practices that will transform your testing
- The twenty most important DevOps and agile quality metrics that separate leaders from laggards

With Agile and DevOps, testers need to start testing each user story as soon as it’s implemented, complete testing faster, and ensure that the constant changes don’t negatively impact any of the existing functionality. This requires test automation … and more. This requires Continuous Testing. In this webinar, learn how to integrate Continuous Testing into Agile and Continuous Delivery environments. We’ll provide a step-by-step demonstration using an example environment with Atlassian Jira, Jenkins, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Tricentis Tosca.

Do we still need professional testers, or should all testing “shift left” to developers? This discussion is currently polarizing the development and testing community. Join a lively panel discussion where Wolfgang Platz (Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer), Jeff Wilkinson (Managing Director of Accenture), and Anders Wallgren (CTO of Electric Cloud) debate hot topics such as:
- How DevOps alters quality objectives
- If and when development resources should be applied to testing tasks
- Unit testing and SDETs vs end-to-end testing and domain expertise
- Practical ways to promote the “one team, one fight” mindset

Software is never perfect — but how can you stop the most business-critical issues from evading your testing efforts? You could try to extensively test every possible path each time your application changes … but that’s rarely realistic. In this webinar, learn about a more feasible approach: focus your limited testing time on building the most efficient set of tests that delivers the most powerful risk coverage.

Microsoft MVP Steve Jones is joined by acclaimed author and researcher Gene Kim to discuss the latest in all things DevOps. This webinar offers a closer look at the key findings in the 2018 Accelerate State of DevOps Report, and investigates the growing importance of the database in successful DevOps and IT performance. The report is the result of five years of research - with over 30,000 data points - to understand high performance in the context of software development, and the factors that predict it.

How does SOX directly relate to Database DevOps? Figuring out where you fit and how to be compliant can be a confusing journey, especially when there are processes already in place which claim to cover you. But how compliant are you really? And how are these processes influencing the way you work? Grant Fritchey will explore how IT Teams fit into this story and how to best protect your company and customers.

In the third installment of the year, SQL in the City Streamed returns on 5 September, with its theme focusing on how to adapt and thrive as a data professional. The all-star speaker line-up of Microsoft MVPs, Redgate team members and other technical experts will lead sessions to broaden your skillset, support your ongoing learning, and keep you up-to-date with industry knowledge.

DevOps success is achieved through a combination of people and technology coming together in processes that remove barriers, improve visibility, decrease risk, and reduce software delivery times. Including the database in DevOps initiatives greatly improves performance across all these outcomes. Join Redgate’s Arneh Eskandari as we walk you through Redgate’s Database DevOps solution, showing reliable, scalable and repeatable processes for automating your database development and deployment.

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP Grant Fritchey will look at the paint points and common struggles when working under restrictive regulations and what steps can be taken to accelerate your data delivery whilst remaining compliant. We are entering a new world of data privacy which has moved from the desks of legislators and into the hands of the people, so what are we doing to protect our customers and still delivering them value?

Are your critical servers left vulnerable to attacks and failed deployments, resulting in downtime, loss of data, and loss of revenue? SQL Server Monitoring is critical to quick detection of performance issues that can jeopardize database availability. However, it's not enough to simply know there is a performance issue. Join this webinar to discuss how to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues in minutes and best practices in proactive monitoring and performance tuning.

The key to successful DevOps implementation is gaining buy in across the organization. And in a climate of increased scrutiny on how personal data is handled and processed, factoring in the needs of compliance teams is an added complexity. In this webinar Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director Simon Sabin discusses some of the challenges you’ll face as you go on your journey to bringing the database into a DevOps rollout.

So you want to streamline your database development process? A cornerstone of successful DevOps integration is efficient, reliable SQL Server monitoring. Redgate’s James King will discuss the process of monitoring your SQL Servers to ensure you are ready and able to efficiently keep track of your estate. Discover how to manage estate capacity, patching and distribution, while measuring the performance impact of changes as they’re introduced.

In this webinar, HaynesPro (leading supplier of digital automotive data) will discuss with Microsoft MVP, Grant Fritchey, how his company has streamlined workflows, reduced setbacks and problems during deployments, and fixed the development process with the help of Redgate tools. They will cover the pain points, the implementation process and the cultural changes that have occurred, and what the results look like today.

Want to dramatically reduce the attack surface area against breaches and hackers? With legislation like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and the new California Privacy Act, it’s more important now than ever to ensure risks are reduced and all our backs are covered. Join Redgate’s Data Privacy and Protection Specialist Chris Unwin to explore the breach and hacking epidemic, and how this is impacting the way we work, handle, and protect our data.