Upcoming Webinars

October 28, 2020

In order to achieve a higher level of efficiency and customer satisfaction, many organizations are looking for ways to change how they process documents. Utilizing standard document processing tools and procedures are no longer enough, as they create productivity bottlenecks. While looking for ways to automate document processing a few common questions arise, such as how can we accelerate document processing and what are common best practices? For answers to these questions, join this short, high-impact Tech Talk where you will learn:
- Why there is a need for automated document processing
- How OutSystems is leveraging technology to create new ways to interact with documents
- The value of the OutSystems.AI Document Processor and what’s coming next

November 03, 2020

How powerful is a low-code platform? What can you build with it? Join this upcoming demo series where you will learn how the OutSystems platform revolutionizes the way you build applications.

November 10, 2020

Companies are achieving quantifiable results with AIOps today. Customers who have implemented intelligent, analytics-driven technology report 64% reduction in costly outages, improved business service performance and visibility, and hundreds of thousand dollars saved through more efficient IT management. Join this virtual summit to learn from leading analysts, partners and customers on how activating AIOps can help you ensure and improve business outcomes. Attend this virtual event to learn:
- Industry trends and recommended best practices from thought leaders
- Technical deep-dive on using AI-driven monitoring for SAP environments and services
- How Splunk customers are activating AIOps to modernize IT management

November 18, 2020

Join this upcoming Tech Talk where you’ll learn how to:
- Use the builders within the OutSystems platform to enable diverse teams to collaborate on applications with superior speed and efficiency
- Visually map complex business processes and create high-performance, workflow-based applications
- Rapidly prototype great looking and highly usable mobile applications that leverage common patterns and flows

On-Demand Webinars

If you’re in the software development world, you are most likely familiar with progressive web apps (PWAs). That’s because PWAs are now too big to ignore, bringing numerous benefits when it comes to increasing user engagement and providing frictionless experiences. Wondering what all the hype is about? PWAs allow for faster development times and reduced maintenance costs compared to their traditional app counterparts. They also support a variety of other functionalities, including working offline, push notifications, and accessing device hardware. If you’re interested in adding PWAs to your app dev portfolio, access this ten-minute take to learn more about PWAs and how to get started, all in just ten minutes.

NextStep is the place to learn everything you need to know, and to meet the OutSystems community of customers and partners already investing in the future of modern application development.

Are your apps and services distributed in the cloud, getting refactored as microservices or becoming more complex? If they are, you must factor in observability. Observability is about using all your data to help you find unexpected failure conditions, explain why they happened, and resolve them - FAST. This event is about the challenges, opportunities, and best practices to successfully build observability into everything you develop, deliver or monitor. Top Reasons to Attend:
- Better understand how observability is critical to key initiatives, such as cloud migration, hybrid/multi-cloud monitoring, application monitoring, and incident response
- Get a first-hand look at the practices and technologies that are core to observability
- Learn from those who have embraced observability as their approach to achieve stellar service availability and performance

Join this interactive discussion about remote development teams and how the OutSystems platform can allow them to become more productive and agile. Some of the topics will include:
- The struggles development teams are facing in today’s work environment
- Requirements for successful remote development collaboration
- How the OutSystems platform provides fast iteration capabilities and reduces friction for development teams

Many applications are quickly moving from the personal to the corporate area as a result of the latest global pandemic. Symptom management, movement tracking, medical appointments, and results are just a few examples. Soon you might be asked to handle personal data, but do you know how to do this correctly without creating risk for your organization? If you need to move data from your production environment for development or testing purposes, can you protect it to avoid information leaks? Join us for a short, high-impact Tech Talk to learn how you can:
○ Understand the risk and importance of data
○ Increase the protection of your data
○ Use anonymization as a safety measure
○ Accelerate data protection with low-code

Many organizations are implementing robotic process automation (RPA) to achieve higher levels of efficiency and extending low-code capabilities. In addition to writing applications, developers and citizen developers want to build applications that use RPA to automate tasks, leveraging AI. Is this strategy delaying or accelerating your transformation journey with low-code? Join this short, high-impact OutSystems Tech Talk to learn how you can:
○ Scope RPA effort and value in tactical projects
○ Understand why RPA tools are merging with BPM platforms
○ Identify the strategic shortcomings of RPA
○ Use low-code platforms to extend the usage of bots

As organizations empower a mix of professional and non-professional developers to create business apps, controlling technical debt - the decision to focus on productivity over strong architecture - naturally becomes a top concern. Today, low-code platforms cover a wide range of app use cases from departmental to mission-critical. True agility requires good architecture and governance. How can organizations avoid costly pitfalls but still deliver applications more rapidly? Join this short, high-impact Tech Talk to learn:
● How low-code addresses your non-functional requirements
● How you can manage technical debt as your application portfolio scales
● When to replace or refactor legacy systems with low-code
● How low-code supports the velocity required today while avoiding technical debt

Using Agile to build high-quality, digital products requires frequent collaboration from cross-functional teams. Ideally, teams are co-located, but remote team collaboration can be equally or more productive when done right. Join OutSystems for a 29-minute Tech Talk to learn how you can:
○ Adapt your Agile Strategy to meet the needs of Global Agile Teams
○ Structure and lead high-performing Remote Agile Teams
○ Build and manage a high-quality product backlog to drive digital product development
○ Learn how low-code platforms support team collaboration in any situation

Software teams all over the world have learned that DevOps is an important element in going digital and in agile transformation, but the complexity of DevOps tooling can be daunting. Join this short, high-impact OutSystems Tech Talk to learn how you can:
● Get a jump start on your DevOps rollout by leveraging the built-in DevOps features in OutSystems
● Reduce complexity, tool fatigue, and realize value faster by automating builds & deployment in OutSystems
● Improve feedback loops with the business using the built-in testing capabilities
● Integrate OutSystems automation capabilities into your existing DevOps toolchains

Join Splunk for DevOps Open Source Insights and Innovations! This interactive virtual event will bring together topic experts to share their open source technology tips and best practices and offer attendees the chance to ask their own questions too.
Why Attend:
- Learn about specific DevOps OSS projects from the contributors
- Learn what Splunk is doing in the OSS world
- Help understand the challenges of adopting OSS
- Hear from high-tech companies and OSS thought leaders
- Network with industry peers

Aberdeen Research explores the challenges developers face in creating modern applications, as well as the strategies and capabilities that leading businesses are following to meet such challenges head-on by taking a new approach to Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Join us for a webinar to learn how leading organizations are leveraging modern APM to realize the following benefits:
- Control costs of application development
- Create better end-user experience
- Accelerate time to market of new applications