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December 08, 2022

A bug bash is a coordinated real time effort between security & engineering to achieve a common goal centered around using Snyk to remediate some number of vulnerabilities within a specific timeframe. You can imagine that might be a little difficult to run across your teams. Snyk will share how to plan a Bug Bash, as well as best practices from customers who've been running these. The webinar will also provide a check list and other resources.

On-Demand Webinars

Opsera and Octopus have partnered to bring you no code orchestration with exceptional deployment flexibility to launch your software delivery teams into modern DevOps practices with minimum barriers to entry. In this webinar, learn how to:
- Orchestrate Octopus deployments with just a few clicks with shift left pipelines
- Integrate Octopus seamlessly with vault for secrets / tokens/ scripts
- Configure Octopus multi cloud & multi environments deployments quickly via Opsera across all tech stacks.

Join Snyk for this discussion group about how to find and automatically fix container and workload vulns.

Join this webinar to learn how ActiveControl 9.0 can remove common SAP bottlenecks:
- Agility: reduce delayed releases with a simplified analysis and review process, meaning less time spent on unnecessary checks.
- Flexibility: streamline your journey to cloud by using the same processes and tools to manage change in on-prem & cloud systems
- Visibility: reduce production downtime with deployment scheduling based on at-a-glance usage insights
- Usability: optimize SAP change delivery processes by equipping your teams with tools customizable to individual and project specific needs

GitHub Actions offers a highly flexible environment to integrate with source control, build application artifacts, and prepare packages for deployment using Octopus Deploy. In this webinar you’ll learn how to combine GitHub Actions and Octopus to create infrastructure and build to deploy applications.

This webinar shares ways to optimize the business value of DevOps through an exploration of Honeywell’s transformation journey using Opsera’s platform to gain 100% automation of CI/CD pipelines, 65% reduction in cycle times, 30% productivity savings, and more. In this webinar, you will discover:
- DevOps organizational structures for change management and team collaboration.
- Honeywell’s evolution from siloed teams, manual processes and limited standardization to a high-performing DevOps team via a common platform
- The learnings from Honeywell's transformation so far, and a review of the business value delivered.
- The characteristics of a no-code DevOps orchestration approach

GitHub Actions offers a highly flexible environment to integrate with source control, build application artifacts, and prepare packages for deployment using Octopus Deploy. In this webinar you’ll learn how to combine GitHub Actions and Octopus to create infrastructure and build to deploy applications.

How Nokia resolved slow release cycles, manual processes, and tedious and error-prone profile migrations with the manual validation process. Industry leaders choose Salesforce + Opsera for full CI/CD automation & integrate existing tools for amazing results:
- 30% improved productivity
- 50% faster release cycles
- Happy developers & Release managers

In this webinar you'll learn how to: get started with Octopus Deploy, It covers core concepts from environments, deployment targets, packages, and variables, to deployment processes and releases.

Rebuilding your product is something you read about in DevOps handbooks, but who really redevelops their entire SaaS platform to scale globally? Octopus and Auror share how they did it.

This webinar is for people who want to deliver safer schema deployments. It focuses on broad strategies for safe database deployment patterns and challenging schema refactors.

Learn about the common challenges facing teams who support sprawling, mature, brownfield systems with shared databases, and loose coupling supports both the adoption of (true) continuous integration and “Safety 2.0”. This webinar also discusses how this combination of loose coupling, continuous integration and safe, resilient systems leads to radically improved maintainability, innovation, and safety.

This webinar willl consider SAP from the perspective of DevOps professionals, why it should be high on their agenda in today’s increasingly digital economy, and what they need to know about SAP. Columbia Sportswear will join to discuss the inclusion of SAP in their DevOps journey. Join this webinar to learn:
- Why DevOps professionals should care about SAP
- What’s different about SAP that holds firms back from introducing DevOps
- How to get started with DevOps for SAP and make it a success
- The benefits of introducing DevOps to SAP
- About Columbia Sportwear’s DevOps journey

In this webinar we'll look at the role agile development plays in providing organizations a way to deliver functionality, gather feedback and iterate more quickly than a traditional waterfall approach and what it specifically can do for SAP teams. Join this webinar to learn about:
- The origins of agile development
- Different agile frameworks
- Important concepts, techniques and tools
- Benefits of agile for SAP
- Examples of how SAP teams have adopted an agile approach

Implementation of a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline in SAP systems provides far greater business agility, freeing organizations from the shackles of a defined release calendar by enabling safe, on-demand deployment of functionality as soon as it is ready. Watch the on-demand session to:
- Understand the type of tooling required for CI/CD, both inside and outside SAP systems
- Follow a step-by-step explanation of the life of an SAP change in a CI/CD environment, from requirements definition to production deployment
- Understand how automated delivery of SAP change can be integrated into an enterprise-wide multi-application pipeline
- See examples of the benefits that CI/CD can bring

The terms "DevOps" and "continuous delivery" occur with increasing frequency in conversations within the SAP community. But many SAP professionals have always worked on slow, large-scale waterfall developments and simply haven't had the chance to become familiar with — let alone expert in — what DevOps is, and the benefits it can deliver. This on-demand webinar will provide a basic primer on the topic of DevOps for SAP, including the origins of the concept, the core principles behind it and how — crucially — it enables faster, safer, more cost-efficient delivery of change that can transform the way you maintain, update and adapt your SAP systems.

Learn how to automate your Terraform security from code to cloud in this hands-on DevSecOps workshop with HashiCorp, AWS, and Bridgecrew. Last chance to RSVP for free!

Join this webinar for:
- A basic introduction to DevOps
- An overview of what makes DevOps for SAP different
- A walkthrough of an integrated SAP and non-SAP DevOps workflow based on Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Slack and ActiveControl from Basis Technologies

What steps can you take to make DevOps a reality in your SAP organization? In this webinar we'll look at the practical steps you can take to get up and running with SAP DevOps and the numerous business benefits DevOps can deliver. Join this webinar to learn about:
- Tangible actions that will get you started on your journey towards DevOps for SAP
- Why automation and tooling are so crucial, and the capabilities needed in an SAP environment
- How DevOps and automation are already delivering for many businesses