Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (CxOSA) Features New Engine
June 04, 2019

Checkmarx introduced a new homegrown engine for its Checkmarx Open Source Analysis (CxOSA) solution.

Designed by the same Checkmarx research and development team that created its CxSAST static application security testing solution, CxOSA empowers development, AppSec and DevOps teams to identify, triage and remediate open source software security vulnerabilities as well as license compliance risks.

Although organizations have started to deploy SCA tools, these often operate in complete silos separate from other software security solutions such as static application security testing (SAST) products which look for risks in proprietary and homegrown code. With Checkmarx’s shift left approach, homegrown and open source scans can be conducted during the pre-build phase and are then integrated and correlated, reducing noise and false positives. Broad coverage leads to results with greater confidence levels and allows for more intelligent remediation.

“The majority of organizations today use open source components as it helps developers accelerate development, but vulnerabilities in these components represent a top target for successful external attacks,” said Assaf Dar, Chief Product Development officer at Checkmarx. “CxOSA prevents the use of vulnerable open source components while allowing for faster delivery of secure software. The solution automates scanning by leveraging existing DevOps integrations, making it the best fit for DevSecOps.”

Today, hundreds of organizations use CxOSA with CxSAST within Checkmarx’s Software Exposure Platform. The platform tightly integrates CxSAST, CxOSA, CxIAST and CxCodebashing via a unified management and orchestration layer to mitigate risk across the entire software exposure lifecycle. Using all of the platform solution components from one vendor, Checkmarx, empowers organizations to dramatically improve their overall software security posture while reducing total cost of ownership. Checkmarx also offers expert services for software security deployment to advance customers’ DevOps programs.

“The new Checkmarx CxOSA engine was built on the foundation of our open source solution, embedding years of experience and research in mitigating open source security and compliance risks,” added Dar. “Now, we wholly own all the components of the industry’s most comprehensive solution for DevSecOps. For customers, this, among other things, means they experience the industry’s tightest coupling of SAST and SCA, allowing them to define and enforce policies for both proprietary and open source vulnerabilities as well as easily derive meaningful correlations and manage software security risks from a single pane of glass.”

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