Acquia Builds Out Digital Experience Platform
October 26, 2021

Acquia announced major updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

These innovations are aimed at accelerating the development and optimization of composable digital experiences by bringing together the workflows of once-siloed digital marketing and development teams within a single platform. Automated and machine learning-powered features in both Drupal Cloud and Marketing Cloud—which together comprise Acquia Open DXP—make it faster and easier to launch new websites, applications and marketing campaigns with modular components.

“The movement toward the composable enterprise is growing as organizations look to gain agility with plug-and-play services, and velocity with simpler application development and delivery,” said Dries Buytaert, Creator of Drupal and Co-founder and CTO of Acquia. “Executing on this strategy requires a new technical architecture and way for teams to work. Acquia is connecting and automating organizational workflows, spanning content and data, to speed development of digital experiences at scale.”

Updates to the Drupal Cloud developer experience streamline and connect workflows to empower fusion teams with no-code/low-code solutions that span DevOps, WebOps, ContentOps and ExperienceOps. All new products and features are available on Acquia Cloud Next, the newest version of Acquia’s cloud platform. Key innovations include:

● Acquia Code Studio: A new, 100% cloud-based development environment integrates with GitLab and Acquia Cloud IDE. Developers can now log into Acquia Cloud Platform, spin up an IDE and then click to connect to GitLab, the platform of choice for application development, using frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue. With Acquia Code Studio, developers have all the tools they need to plan, build, review, test and deploy any Drupal application—all from a familiar GitLab environment.

● Acquia Cloud Actions: A new, collaborative release management process automates the process of deploying and managing code to the Acquia Cloud environment. Once development teams write code, Acquia Cloud Actions manages the build, test and deploy phases to get code into production. By eliminating manual processes, Acquia Cloud Actions fuels faster digital innovation at scale.

● Acquia Digital Commerce Integrations: Powered by the no-code Acquia Site Studio, pre-built integration components make it easy for anyone to assemble digital commerce experiences, including rich product experiences leveraging Acquia’s DAM and PIM. Support for GraphQL and Node.js allows developers to easily extend and enhance Acquia’s pre-built integrations with any MACH-compliant commerce vendor and cut the time required to deliver experiences to as little as 90 days.

Marketing Cloud Enhancements Increase Efficiencies and Insights Across Hybrid Teams

Acquia is announcing key innovations to Acquia Marketing Cloud, including several features focused on composable machine learning, analytics, privacy and multi-tenant distributed marketing to empower teams across CampaignOps and and MLOps.

Acquia Customer Data Platform now has several new capabilities that drive citizen data science and analytical insights across the organization. Building on Acquia CDP’s world-class data model and analytics platform, Acquia now provides more intelligence, ROI insights and machine learning-driven efficiencies across more teams and in more ways than any other customer data platform on the market today. New features in this release include:

● Multi-Touch Attribution: As the first attribution solution built on top of a CDP, this new capability allows marketers to visualize campaign performance through a range of attribution windows and timeframes to understand the true ROI of marketing investments.

● ML Studio: A first-of-its-kind, low-code/no-code machine learning workbench enables data scientists to build custom machine learning models on top of unified data, all within Acquia CDP.

● ML Launchpad: As part of Acquia CDP analytics, ML Launchpad surfaces machine learning-driven insights into a visual and highly intuitive dashboard for non-technical marketers, so they can see at-a-glance key insights such as audience propensities, recommended actions to take and more.

● Privacy Management: This new tool supports compliance with GDPR, CCPA and more by allowing faster data erasure.

Acquia is also introducing new capabilities in Acquia Campaign Studio and Acquia Personalization, including:

● Multi-Tenant Distributed Marketing Automation: This first-of-its kind capability enables brands using Campaign Studio to scale centralized campaigns across multiple brands, geographies and teams, while adhering to compliance and governance requirements.

● Visual Email and Landing Page Builder: An extension of WYSIWYG capabilities in Acquia Campaign Studio, this drag-and-drop interface makes it simpler than ever to build emails and landing pages for campaigns.

● Enhanced A/B Testing: Acquia Personalization now has more powerful A/B testing capabilities, including automated self-optimization, which auto-promotes winning variants without requiring any time or effort from marketing teams, increasing website conversion and revenue.

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