Rainforest QA Releases Mobile Testing Capabilities for iOS 12
September 17, 2018

Rainforest QA announced that its virtual machines (VM), which allows businesses to run testing flows continuously with a consistent experience every time, are immediately available for all mobile iOS 12 customers.

By integrating iOS 12 functionality directly into Rainforest’s existing offerings, development teams can instantly access clean, mobile testing environments at the speed of continuous delivery without needing to set up separate testing environments through manual methods. Beta customers such as mobile point-of-sale (POS) system provider Lavu are among several companies that are immediately experiencing productivity, speed and efficiency benefits as a result of the update — integrated into the Rainforest platform with just a single click.

As enterprises seek to capitalize on the speed and efficiency of continuous delivery, the testing landscape is evolving, and consistent testing without interruptions or switching workflows can be challenging for development teams to accomplish. Without the ability to seamlessly integrate the most up-to-date testing capabilities for new OS versions, companies put themselves at risk of delaying their entire development process due to incompatibility issues.

“Enterprises today are working at unmatched speeds to keep up with the pace of continuous delivery, and constant bugs and unexpected interruptions that result from each new OS version can impact a bottom line if they’re not prepared,” said Derek Choy, CIO at Rainforest. “Shipping bugs can be costly for companies trying to scale, and typically there aren’t enough extra resources for them to address these mishaps. It’s important for us to offer the latest innovations for our customers to help safeguard against unexpected disruptions with their product releases.”

The beta version of Rainforest’s iOS 12 VMs were available for use on request by select customers, allowing them to test their applications ahead of Apple’s official launch of iOS 12.

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