Percona Announces Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL
October 07, 2021

Percona announced the general availability of its new Kubernetes Operator for PostgreSQL.

This helps developers and DevOps teams to simplify how they manage and automate their PostgreSQL database deployments alongside applications.

Percona is also expanding its Managed Services offering around PostgreSQL. Percona Managed Services help developer teams to manage and improve database performance for their implementations. The team delivers services that allow companies to stabilize their applications as they scale up, and then focus on reviewing application performance, implementing business continuity, and tuning queries over time.

Percona’s business around PostgreSQL has grown significantly over the past few years based on availability of more services and the company’s own distribution of the open source database.

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Operator manages the orchestration of container images to ensure a self-healing, consistent, and secure Kubernetes-based deployment.

The Operator manages the configuration and setup of PostgreSQL clusters that allow technical teams to:

- Create a Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL environment with no single point of failure, spanning multiple regions or availability zones

- Scale clusters up or down by changing the size parameter to add or remove members of the cluster

- Automate backups by configuring pgBackRest backups to run on a scheduled basis and support simple restores

- Provide point-in-time recovery, allowing teams to roll back the cluster to a specific time, transaction ID, or recovery point.

- Automate cluster recovery from node failure.

- TLS encryption and support for private data registries to enhance security.

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL Operator is freely available and fully supported, complemented by support and open source tools.

Many companies have mission-critical applications which depend on their PostgreSQL database environment. Percona brings world-class database expertise and open source values to provide a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective plan to help businesses succeed. The company is expanding these services to help customers with their PostgreSQL deployments, including migration and updates to version 14.

Percona has experience working with customers to get the most out of PostgreSQL for their applications, as well as supporting PostgreSQL alongside other open source databases like MySQL and MongoDB. These teams need help transitioning from what worked fine for a few customers to operating those database instances at scale. Percona Managed Services provides the expertise and experience to support those specific deployment needs, so application deployments can run successfully and operating costs can be controlled,” said Nick Herring, Director of Managed Services at Percona.

Percona partners with enterprises to maximize application performance and ensure their open source databases achieve high performance levels regardless of the architecture on which it is built, and where it is deployed.

Technical teams can run PostgreSQL in a public or private cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid environment. They have 24/7 access to Percona’s open source database experts, who have decades of combined experience in maximising scalability and performance across PostgreSQL environments.

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