KasmVNC v0.9.3 Open-source VNC Server Software Released
July 14, 2022

Kasm Technologies announced the release of KasmVNC v0.9.3.

KasmVNC is a web-native open-source rendering technology used for streaming desktop, application and web containers to the browser.

The v0.9.3 release includes performance, security and usability enhancements.

KasmVNC is the streaming tech for Workspaces container images. While the term VNC is in the name, it is not intended to remain compliant with the RFB spec and has different goals than other VNC projects:

- Web-based - Designed to provide a web accessible remote desktop. It comes with a web server and websocket server built in. Simply run and navigate to your desktop's URL on the port you specify.

- Cybersecurity - The RFB specification (VNC) limits the password field to 8 characters. KasmVNC defaults to HTTPS with HTTP Basic Auth and disables the legacy VNC authentication method for enhanced security.

- Simplicity - Easy to deploy and configure since it is web-native and agentless.

"We are proud of our open-source release of KasmVNC, especially the performance, usability, DLP and clipboard/character input enhancements," said Matt McClaskey, Kasm Technologies CTO, "I am even more excited for our next release, which will cement KasmVNC as the modern, open-source leader in remote desktop server solutions."

Additional features that are new to this release include:

- GPU Support in collaboration with VirtualGL.

- Arm Support in collaboration with Arm.

- Webp/JPEG image compression for better bandwidth & CPU usage.

- Full screen video detection for improved playback performance.

- Seamless Binary clipboard support for text, images, and formatted text (Chromium browsers).

- Data Loss Prevention features - Key stroke logging, Clipboard logging, Max clipboard transfer size, Min time between clipboard operations required, Keyboard input rate limit.

- Deb packages for Debian, Ubuntu, and Kali Linux & RPM packages for CentOS, Oracle, OpenSUSE, Fedora.

- Relative cursor and cursor lock support (game pointer mode).

- IME support for languages with extended characters.

- Enhanced mobile support.

The KasmVNC open-source VNC Server code is available directly on GITHUB.

This code is complimented by the Kasm Workspaces open-source images that are available directly through Kasm's Docker Verified Publisher images on DockerHub in Technical Collaboration with Docker.

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