Automation Process and Soft Skills Are "Must-Have" DevOps Skills
March 27, 2019

Automation process and soft skills are the most important "must-have" DevOps skills, according to the 2019 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report from DevOps Institute, a member-based association for advancing the human elements of DevOps.

Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute, said: "By identifying skill sets needed to advance the human side of DevOps, we can nurture the development of the T-shaped professional that is being driven by the requirement for speed, agility and quality software from the business."

Key findings for the report include:

■ Process skills are essential for intelligent automation. Soft skills and technical skills are equally important.

■ IT Operations is a key functional skill but security comes in second.

■ Business skills are most important to leaders (but not as much to individual contributors).

■ Cloud and analytical knowledge are the top technical skills. Hiring from within is the most predominant thinking.

■ Recruiting for DevOps is on the rise. There are six specific job roles that will be the most recruited now and in the future.

■ The report breaks down these findings into specific skills and categories.

"With our first study, we want to inspire the development of the DevOps human who is passionate about embracing and thriving within DevOps," said Eveline Oehrlich, former VP and Research Director at Forrester Research, who conducted the research and analysis for the report. "We found the majority of leaders within the organizations we surveyed are hiring from within and are willing to develop an individuals' abilities and provide opportunities. Hiring managers see the DevOps human as a creative, knowledge-sharing, eager-to-learn individual with their skill sets and abilities being shapeable. Our study provides insight into what skills the DevOps human should develop, in order to help drive a mindset and a culture for organizations and individuals."

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