ActiveState Adds Beta Functionality for Open Source Language Automation
January 10, 2019

ActiveState announced enhancements to the ActiveState Platform, its SaaS offering, to add new functionality to automatically build, certify and resolve open source languages.

The new ActiveState Platform capabilities, currently in beta, are available to existing customers as part of their subscription.

ActiveState's Platform new capabilities in beta include:

- Ability to select any set of packages from ActiveState's inventory to create on-demand builds

- Automated builds for Python languages (with support for Perl and Tcl coming soon)

- Automatic dependency resolution through the automated build process

- Commit-based build history

- Integrated Python runtime vulnerability reporting

- The updates enhance the Platform's Python runtime verification ability released last year and allow customers to pickup and share their open source language builds. Users now benefit from accelerated build times and more visibility.

The new functionality underscores ActiveState's intent to solve challenges with polyglot environments, where many open source languages and tech stacks co-exist and have to be regularly maintained and vetted against language updates and security vulnerabilities.

Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState, said: "Polyglot is killing the enterprise, but it doesn't have to. We believe you should enjoy all the benefits of many open source languages without any of the hassles. We want to free up coder time for high-value work, enable them to run a single command and get coding. And we want to empower management with the visibility and controls required to give developers the freedom to use open source tools."

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