SunView Introduces New Change Management Tool
January 08, 2016

SunView Software announced general availability of a new multi-modal change management offering based on their powerful ChangeGear platform.

The growing demands for more agile IT increases the need for more effective enterprise IT change management. With this release, SunView Software demonstrates a focus on helping IT organizations working in an Agile or DevOps environment to support high velocity change while having the right controls for managing risk and compliance.

SunView’s newest offering, ChangeGear Change Manager, is engineered to provide a consolidated change repository that makes it easy to capture enterprise change information, replacing spreadsheets, email systems, and other various manual methods used today. A best-of-breed enterprise change management tool with an easy to use interface and advanced features, ChangeGear helps organizations automate change management processes across the enterprise. Multi-modal support simplifies the adoption of IT controls such as ITIL, while providing streamlined workflows to support a fast-paced agile environment.

“Today we are witnessing an increased demand for rapid innovation to support the digital enterprise,” said Seng Sun, CEO of SunView Software. “Both the Agile development and DevOps movements are examples of how enterprise organizations are adapting to the changing landscape with new proven approaches to speed up the delivery of innovation. To support this new world of business agility, change management becomes a critical service management capability helping organizations balance the rapid pace of IT changes with the need to manage risk and compliance.”

ChangeGear Change Manager – Key Features:

- Multi-modal workflows allow IT organizations to define and automate processes to align with organizational change polices. ChangeGear enables quick and easy setup to support ITIL, DevOps, business compliance, and other change processes as needed.

- RESTful API capabilities support easy integration with 3rd party toolchain solutions to automate the collection of change records and related information required for processing or compliance.

- Preauthorization Automation streamlines change request processing based on defined and approved criteria, accelerating change processing for fast-paced environments.

- Change Manager Dashboard and Workspace interfaces deliver real-time change visibility and metrics for organizational stakeholders and provides specific tools for improving collaboration in virtual CAB or peer review sessions.

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