Progress Telerik and Kendo UI Updated
May 11, 2022

Progress announced a series of updates in Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI.

With these releases, Progress now delivers nearly 100 UI components for Blazor, the most comprehensive library of UI components for .NET MAUI and advanced features that transform the developer experience and enhance productivity across the range of .NET and JavaScript frameworks.

“When working with our products, developers know that they have the latest technologies at their disposal – whether they are transforming an existing app or starting to build the next big thing,” said Loren Jarrett, GM, Developer Tools, Progress. “... we continue our commitment to empowering .NET and JavaScript developers across frameworks, including the most comprehensive UI component suites for Blazor, .NET MAUI, and Angular, and time-saving productivity tools.”

Progress takes pride in helping software engineers accelerate their development projects, delivering modern apps and deploying with speed, scale and quality.

New in Telerik:

- Progress Telerik UI for Blazor – New components include File Manager, Filter, Floating Label and Split Button. The Data Grid, Gantt and Tree List components have been enhanced with options for custom editing and filtering. Additional responsive features include scrollable Tabs, adaptive Toolbar and Pager components. Telerik UI for Blazor also includes scaffolder and code snippets in its Visual Studio Code Productivity Tools.

- Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI – New components include DateTimePicker and BadgeView. With the release of desktop support for all .NET MAUI picker components, now nearly the entire Telerik UI for .NET MAUI suite provides out-of-the-box desktop support in addition to supporting mobile. Progress continues to deliver the most comprehensive library of UI components for building native Android, iOS, Windows and macOS applications from a single code base.

- Support for the latest Previews of.NET 7 – Developers can utilize the latest technology in the market to ensure their apps are built with the newest tools available.

Furthermore, Progress released enhancements and new components for .NET web, mobile and desktop development across its UI libraries, including Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET MVC, Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET Core, Progress® Telerik® UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin, Progress Telerik UI for WinUI, Progress Telerik UI for WPF, Progress Telerik UI for WinForms.

New in Kendo UI:

- Progress Kendo UI for Angular has five new native components – PivotGrid Beta, GridLayout, StackLayout, ListBox and Map. The Data Grid has been enhanced with updated multi-column sorting behavior, customizable loading template, the ability to expand and collapse all groups and new examples.

- Progress KendoReact features new components, such as the React TaskBoard and Map, and more than 20 improvements across the entire suite, including Data Grid enhancements.

- Progress Kendo UI for Vue has seven new native components – Scheduler, Splitter, TreeView, PanelBar, Skeleton, RangeSlider, Notification, as well as new Data Grid examples and source code availability.

- Progress Kendo UI for jQuery now includes CircularProgressBar and ColorGradient components, improved accessibility compliance, documentation updates and quality improvements across existing UI components.

In addition, dark mode is now enabled for all documentation and demos across all libraries. A new Ocean Blue color swatch is available with the Telerik and Kendo UI Default Theme for improved accessibility and an updated look and feel. Progress also introduced a new Visual Studio Code extension for Kendo UI for jQuery and Kendo UI for Angular, called Kendo UI Productivity Tools.

New in Telerik Productivity Tools:

- Progress offers enhancements and new features for Progress Telerik Reporting, Progress Telerik Test Studio, Progress Fiddler Everywhere and Progress Telerik JustMock. Telerik Reporting now includes full support of the Sass-based Kendo UI theming mechanism for the Web Report Designer. Telerik Test Studio offers enhanced support for applications built with Telerik and Kendo UI components. Telerik Reporting is compatible with the latest Previews of .NET 7.

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