Infragistics Ultimate 21.2 Released
January 13, 2022

Infragistics announced the release of Infragistics Ultimate 21.2.

The newest release incorporates low-code tool App Builder, a new cloud-based, drag & drop tool that enables UI designers and developers to collaborate in a single working environment to speed app creation from design to code. App Builder now outputs production-ready code in Blazor in addition to Angular.

Infragistics Ultimate 21.2 also delivers the following new features:

- In addition to the full-featured Data Grid and over 60 Chart types, 21.2 adds 17 new controls to the Blazor and Web Components libraries of Ignite UI, Infragistics’ industry-leading web-based UI toolkit. New controls include Avatar components, icons, checkboxes, radio buttons, a calendar component, navigation bar and navigation drawer, and more

- A range of Angular enhancements, including updates to the Angular Grid, Tree Grid and Hierarchical Grid with row styling, new filtering capabilities and upgrades to the export-to-Excel service

- Dozens of new feature innovations in modern web frameworks, including Blazor, Angular, React and Web Components, as well as updates to mainstay frameworks, including Window Forms, WPF, .NET Core

- Compatibility with .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 for all .NET based products, including Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC / Core, and Blazor

The biggest challenge in app development today is streamlining app creation from design to code. To create mission critical enterprise apps, low-code apps must prioritize user experience (UX) by beginning the app creation process with user interface (UI) design. App Builder achieves this by bringing together the core components of the app creation process.

App Builder is now included with the Ignite UI for Angular and Blazor web-based toolkits and eliminates the complexity of user interface design and development so developers can build business apps faster than ever before. App Builder is also included with Indigo.Design, a complete design-to-code platform that integrates UI prototyping, design systems, user testing, app building and code generation to eliminate design hand-offs and reduce costly iterations — enabling true UX design-development collaboration.

“Infragistics Ultimate 21.2 radically accelerates app design and development with the addition of App Builder and introduction of Blazor code generation,’ says Jason Beres, SVP Developer Tools, at Infragistics. “Now, designers and developers don’t need to determine ahead of time which code they want to output -- after designs are complete, they can choose either Blazor or Angular.”

When working in App Builder, designers or developers can start their app quickly using design files from Sketch or Adobe XD, which map directly to over 65 Infragistics Ignite UI controls. Or they can choose from a library of pre-built app templates or responsive screen layouts and then customize with the toolbox of UI controls. Everything designed results in production-ready HTML, TypeScript & CSS for Angular and Blazor (with React and Web Components coming soon). Developers can also see the code in real-time as they create. When ready, they can upload it to a GitHub repository or download a complete zip file of the app for use in Visual Studio or their favorite IDE.

Infragistics Ultimate 21.2 also includes compatibility with Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6, which is Microsoft’s milestone .NET software development framework and ecosystem, originally released in 2002 and used by millions of developers worldwide to build web and desktop applications. Since the very first release of .NET, Infragistics has been delivering the world’s best controls and tools, with powerful features, capabilities, and performance.

Windows Forms and WPF continue to be the most popular platforms for building apps in the enterprise space. For over two decades Infragistics has been the leader in this space, delivering the most feature-complete set of rich-client tools for desktop developers, and continuing to innovate and deliver for these popular platforms. This release includes improvements in charts, geospatial maps, updated designers for .NET Core / .NET 6 design time in Visual Studio, and more. Developers will continue to deliver value to their customers in their desktop apps with the 21.2 release of Infragistics Ultimate.

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