What Can AIOps Do For DevOps? - Part 6
November 02, 2021

DEVOPSdigest asked the top minds in the industry what they think AIOps can do for DevOps and developers. Part 6, the final installment in this series, covers BizDevOps and the business side.

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One key aspect of AIOps that benefits DevOps engineers practicing customer-centricity principles is the ability to contextualize full-stack insights into a Business Service context. By connecting applications and infrastructure insights into the Health, Availability, and Risk of a Service, AIOps enables feedback loops during the Deploy, Verify and Monitor stages, allowing for a more agile business-aware response from developers.
Erik Rudin
VP of Business Development and Allian, ScienceLogic


The amalgamation of IT operations tools with the DevOps pipeline helps primary adopters to experiment with AIOps earlier in the development pipeline. Combined with the increasing use of automation, enterprises can use AIOps to continuously deliver quality software faster, thereby resulting in better ROI.
Rajesh Sarangapani
SVP, Cigniti Technologies


While DevOps enables speed and quality through automation, AIOps furthers the overall mission by letting teams spend more time on business agility and less time getting stuck in the weeds.
Rod Cope
CTO, Perforce Software


An enterprise-wide AIOps solution can help DevOps by quickly analyzing and predicting risks for an organization. This is done by highlighting complex interdependencies that makes systems fragile and improving governance through data, analytics, and automation.
Margaret Lee
SVP and GM of Digital Service and Operations Management, BMC Software


DevOps teams still have a hard time identifying the operational improvements that matter most. Is it really impacting the majority of users or just an edge case? AIOps will help to identify the lowest hanging fruit with the most impact — by applying data-science methods to sort and rank operational problems and thus prioritize work. It will strengthen the feedback loop between Dev and Ops in DevOps.
Marcel Hild
Manager AIOps, Office of the CTO, Red Hat


AIOps helps humans manage massive amounts of complexity and chaos. The scale, the impact and the opportunity have never been greater. But the current DevOps AIOps mindset is limited. Most are using AI/ML to regain control over IT environments by quickly detecting anomalies, repairing problems and preventing outages. But shifting the DevOps mindset to the opportunity of AIOps is even more incredibly exciting. How can we use AI/ML to create more value for our customers? Endless ways. For example, automated rollbacks based on error rates, turning a feature flag off when a conversion rate drops. Or better yet, automated release of features when conversation rates rise. We see the future of AIOps in continuously advancing opportunity or better said, continuously advancing business performance.
Marisa Shumway
VP, Product Marketing, CloudBees

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