xMatters Bot for Microsoft Teams Now Available in Microsoft AppSource
February 27, 2019

xMatters announced the xMatters Bot for Microsoft Teams is now available in Microsoft AppSource.

The new bot supports accelerated incident resolution by allowing users to quickly identify on-call resources via chat and then engage them into targeted team channels. This eliminates the need for users to switch back and forth between multiple systems, so teams can remain working within MS Teams to collaborate and resolve issues faster.

"There's obviously a ton of hype when it comes to chatbots for the enterprise, so it's critical that any implementation directly addresses and moves the needle on real business outcomes," said Doug Peete, Chief Product Officer at xMatters. "Organizations can use the xMatters bot to eliminate communication inefficiencies and streamline the path to keeping services up and running. The result is the ability to proactively avoid any impact to end users and customers."

When an issue arises, users can simply chat with the xMatters bot in MS Teams to pinpoint exactly who is on call from specific teams that can contribute to resolving the problem. xMatters orchestrates this by leveraging group on-call schedules and rotations, escalation details, and defined user device preferences. Business users, DevOps team members, and IT operators can all use the xMatters bot to synchronize incident resolution processes and execute commands across the workflow.

The new xMatters Bot for Microsoft Teams is now available in AppSource

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