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October 30, 2023
Ankit Sobti

It's understood that APIs are essential building blocks of modern software. But are APIs products in their own right, ones that can produce revenue? Most API developers and professionals say yes, with 60% viewing their APIs as products, according to Postman's 2023 State of the API Report ...

October 26, 2023
Stephen Atwell

Companies relying on open-source libraries introduce risks to their end-users, so they're on the hook for thoroughly auditing all software. The internal security principles guiding the auditing process are often called open-source governance. However critical, open-source governance principles can hinder vital development metrics like deployment time. Navigating the balance between organizational imperatives and risk management is thus an ever-more essential — and challenging — aspect of a developer's daily life ...

October 25, 2023
Rob Mason

The popularity of generative AI technology has skyrocketed in 2023, and that trend is likely to continue ... To gain insights into user experiences with generative AI services, my organization, Applause, surveyed more than 3,000 digital quality testing professionals across the globe. Here's what our survey uncovered ...

October 17, 2023
Stephen Atwell

Platform engineering is the newest player on the scene. Whereas DevOps is a discipline defined by processes (that have been incrementally automated) to nurture communication and collaboration, platform engineering is a finite organization that is very task driven ...

October 16, 2023
Stephen Atwell

Many experts believe the heyday of DevOps is coming to an end ... So, is it time to retire DevOps entirely? Only time will tell. But I staunchly believe it's misguided to count DevOps out just yet. Instead, practitioners should expect DevOps to do what DevOps does best: develop and grow with the market ...

October 11, 2023
Ash Arnwine

With the rapid increase in API usage also comes an increase in malicious actors targeting APIs as a gateway to customer and company data. That's why ensuring that your API integrations are safe is no longer simply a technical requirement, it is a responsibility that developers and organizations cannot take lightly. Here are three ways to ensure that your next API integration doesn't leave you, or your users, vulnerable ...

October 03, 2023
Jori Ramakers

Despite the push for digital transformation, a recent study found that many are experiencing challenges maintaining quality when building, deploying, and operating their applications, with testing reported as the primary bottleneck to delivering apps ...

September 27, 2023
Meredith Bell

Total visibility is a major factor in remaining secure and compliant while optimizing the results of your DevOps products. Let's look a little deeper into how visibility impacts your DevOps environment ...

September 26, 2023
Rickard Carlsson

The current world of software relies heavily on recycled code, much of which is lifted from open-source repositories. No matter how tightly you integrate security into your development cycles, if the open-source code you borrowed is vulnerable, so are you. Even if you were to somehow achieve the unrealistic goal of "zero vulnerabilities in production," there's no guarantee that this will actually make your business secure ...

September 25, 2023
Ajay Singh

A long-running study of DevOps practices ... suggests that any historical gains in MTTR reduction have now plateaued. For years now, the time it takes to restore services has stayed about the same: less than a day for high performers but up to a week for middle-tier teams and up to a month for laggards. The fact that progress is flat despite big investments in people, tools and automation is a cause for concern ...

September 19, 2023
Ori Keren

Updates to the software we use daily are so smooth we rarely even notice them. This is thanks to continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD), which have streamlined software delivery through frequent and consistent code changes. We now look to continuous merge to keep perfecting the software delivery lifecycle beyond what CI/CD has made possible ...

September 14, 2023
Bret Settle

API security should be a key part of any organization's security strategy today; however, it's often overlooked. APIs make up 83 percent of all web traffic, and they play a vital role in nearly all modern mobile and web applications, as well as containers and microservices. APIs are designed to be accessed by third parties, which exposes them to a broader spectrum of potential attacks compared to traditional web applications ...

September 07, 2023
Stefan Sigg
Software AG

APIs don't exist in a vacuum — they need a way to be tied to your backend systems. This is where a multi-function iPaaS can assist. When combined with the power of API governance to support DevOps, you've just equipped your team with its version of Batman and Robin, the heroes of your organization's digital transformation ...

August 31, 2023
Mike Fitzmaurice

I'm hoping that low-code ceases to be a topic of conversation. It won, it's everywhere, and thus it's no longer special. What I'd like to see us talk about more is that there's an overall approach that can address a lot of these at the same time. And while I use the term more frequently than most, I'm hardly the only person advocating the idea of an application factory ...

August 30, 2023
Mike Fitzmaurice

Low-code development tools change the application development process less than we probably think. Of course they help, but the problems we had before low-code's rise to popularity are still with us — and still unsolved ...


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