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March 16, 2023
Steve Fenton
Octopus Deploy

DevOps has brought the topic of organizational culture firmly to the table. While culture was always an element of Agile and Lean, the research into DevOps has shown it's just as important as the more technical capabilities ...

March 15, 2023
Stephen Atwell

Nearly 70% of DevOps and security professionals want to cut their tech stack, according to Gitlab's Global DevSecOps Survey. As many teams experience tech stack sprawl and tightening budgets, paring down seems ideal. But be wary — cutting too much can be counterproductive ...

March 14, 2023
Wing To

The State of Agile report indicates that DevOps teams need more visibility through the entire software development lifecycle. Three in five respondents say the most valuable improvements to DevOps teams would be end-to-end visibility and traceability from business initiative through development, test and deployment to end users ...

March 13, 2023
Sacha Labourey

Value stream management (VSM) is one of those ideas that IT leaders have embraced in concept but had a hard time implementing in practice. That appears to be changing. In fact, the Value Stream Management Consortium State of Value Stream Management report showed that VSM has moved out of the early-adopter phase and into the mainstream. So, what is value stream management, anyway? ...

March 09, 2023
Gilbert Martin

Code Review is a crucial part of software development. Code Review, also called as Peer Code Review, is the act of deliberately and systematically coordinating with fellow programmers to verify each other's code for mistakes. A code review helps developers enhance the quality of code before merging and shipping it. It serves as a quality assurance of the code base ...

March 08, 2023
Jori Ramakers

Today, DevOps teams and organizations are increasingly looking to implement tools that can streamline various processes to run more efficiently with less error. Of these tools rising in popularity, artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are two that continue to see implementation ... By implementing these tools into existing DevOps features, DevOps teams and organizations can effectively achieve more while operating with less ...

March 07, 2023
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Security testing can't survive using manual assessments only. Why? Because it's too slow and unproductive. The introduction and wide adoption of DevOps allows for faster build times by using security tools to conduct assessments. The days of traditional testing are gone, and here's why ...

March 06, 2023
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Developers are often forced to compromise security to improve delivery times ... With the increasing threat of cyber attacks, developers need to take the necessary steps to protect applications and find a middle ground between security and delivery time ...

March 02, 2023
Steve Fenton
Octopus Deploy

With DevOps and Continuous Delivery gaining traction, are the principles behind Lean and Agile still relevant? How do they compare to the 5 Continuous Delivery principles, and what do any differences mean for software development teams? ...

March 01, 2023
Jason Beres

Software development in 2023 picks up from where it left off in 2022, addressing priorities like scalability, hyper-automation, digital transformation, and sustainable technology. To keep up with the rapid pace of delivering of these priorities, the trend in enterprises both large and small is the accelerating adoption of multiexperience development (MXDPs) and low-code application platforms (LCAP). What is the difference between an MXDP and LCAP? ...

February 28, 2023
Todd Greene

Here comes a new hot trend: Edge Messaging. As with other mega-trends, Edge Messaging holds massive promise: better (user experience), faster (time to market), and more efficient (effortless scaling). But for once, the benefits of Edge Messaging aren't the huge investment in time, training, and re-engineering that slows down the adoption of many other innovations. Today, the only thing holding back the massive adoption of Edge Messaging is just knowing it's there and where it fits ...

February 27, 2023
Anthony Abdulla

In 2023, organizations are gearing up to expect the unexpected, and they're doing so by investing in the areas that will help minimize the effects of the unexpected — particularly when it comes to risk. A business' ability to pivot quickly and adapt seamlessly will separate industry leaders from the laggards — and many are gaining an edge on the competition by adopting low-code solutions to increase operational efficiency and innovate faster ...

February 24, 2023
Gilbert Martin

There's no question the DevOps monitoring tools enable your DevOps team to automate the monitoring processes across the software development lifecycle. The monitoring tools enable your DevOps teams to identify code errors early, run code operations efficiently, and respond to code changes in usage rapidly. However, one must implement monitoring tools effectively to ensure complete success. Here are some prominent DevOps monitoring use cases that you can leverage to achieve DevOps success ...

February 23, 2023
Gilbert Martin

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is the critical component of automation in a DevOps practice. It automates code builds, testing, and deployment so businesses can ship code changes faster and more reliably. However, one must continuously monitor their CI/CD pipeline to realize the DevOps promise. So, what is monitoring in DevOps, and how can businesses leverage it to tap optimal DevOps potential? Let's dig deep …

February 22, 2023
Stephen Atwell

When we think about data, we view it as a concept, not something with physical form. Despite its intangible quality, the massive data flow significantly impacts the environment. Data centers and transmission networks emit nearly 1% of energy-related GHG emissions ... As companies focus more on both cutting costs and ESG efforts, IT leaders will find themselves shouldering more responsibility for energy consumption and the resulting environmental footprint ...


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