Tricentis to Acquire IntelliCorp LiveCompare - Smart DevOps for SAP Applications
May 09, 2019

Tricentis announced the signing of an agreement to acquire IntelliCorp LiveCompare.

IntelliCorp’s LiveCompare provides a deep analysis of an organization’s “as-is” and “to-be” SAP application environments — identifying the differences that impact business processes, system integrations, custom code, security and governance, and end users. LiveCompare is used by 100+ of the world’s leading companies to upgrade SAP applications 85% faster and 30X cheaper.

“Adopting the latest generation of SAP applications is essential for driving digital transformation initiatives — but it’s only the start,” explained Tricentis Founder and CPO Wolfgang Platz. “Projects like SAP S/4HANA migrations are a critical component of a broader digital transformation. They enable a more rapid and continuous innovation cycle. Yet, to truly take advantage of these new platforms for innovation, enterprises need to eliminate the delays associated with deploying changes or upgrades to SAP applications.”

IntelliCorp CTO Chris Trueman continued, “Traditionally, SAP customers relied on time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks from development, testing, and operations to update their SAP applications. They were already struggling to keep up when SAP upgrades were an annual occurrence, and now that pace is accelerating dramatically. LiveCompare helps enterprises get their SAP updates up and running as fast as possible—so they can focus on taking advantage of new capabilities. We offer fast, automated insight into exactly what changed and how to accommodate those changes. This helps teams deploy SAP projects 85% faster.”

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