Tricentis RPA Model-Based Automation Released
May 23, 2019

Tricentis announced the availability of Tricentis RPA, which is differentiated by its model-based automation technology and radically simplified bot pricing model.

Tricentis’ model-based automation technology has over 12 years of research and development behind it, and is currently leveraged by 1600+ enterprise organizations. It is best known for delivering highly-resilient end-to-end automation of complex business processes—supporting over 150 enterprise technologies, from legacy applications to the most modern SaaS-based apps.

“To satisfy rapidly-changing customer expectations, organizations must be able to change existing processes and applications with both agility and confidence,” explained Tricentis Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Wolfgang Platz. “They need to know that the automation will work—that it’s resilient, with the ability to recover from frequent application changes without requiring technical resources. With this degree of resiliency, organizations are able to scale automation at a much faster rate. This equates to a greater number of unattended bots.”

Tricentis is known for enabling business users to achieve unprecedented test automation rates across highly-complex and rapidly-evolving processes. The core technology that drives these high automation rates is now being featured in a broader platform that directly addresses the unique requirements of RPA, enabling organizations to achieve equally high levels of process automation across the enterprise.

Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri noted, “Tricentis is the first vendor to provide a purpose-built enterprise RPA solution as well as a comprehensive continuous test automation platform. Organizations looking to boost operational efficiency in terms of software testing have been trusting Tricentis for years. Now, they’re also applying our industry-leading automation to many other critical business processes in the production environment. This is a strategic business benefit which accelerates enterprises on their end- to-end automation journey.”

Tricentis RPA Product Details

Tricentis RPA consists of Tricentis RPA Studio and Tricentis Orchestrator. RPA Studio is a workspace to design, implement, and test bots. RPA Orchestrator enables users to run bots on-demand, distribute bots to agents, monitor and maintain agents, and generate reports as well as audit logs. Both are designed specifically for business professionals, and do not require any scripting or coding. Tricentis RPA supports a wide array of technologies including SAP,, Oracle, ServiceNow, and Pega as well as core banking applications like Finacle, Temenos, and Avaloq.

Tricentis offers highly-simplified pricing for RPA. Organizations only pay for running bots. This low cost to entry helps organizations achieve operational efficiency without the barriers associated with cumbersome licensing.

Tricentis RPA Studio and Tricentis RPA Orchestrator are offered for free. Customers can download the solution on-demand and immediately start creating bots for their RPA projects without limitations or cost. Tricentis charges for bot execution on a subscription basis.