Split Software Joins the Vendor Forum
May 01, 2019
Pete Goldin

Dave Karow, Continuous Delivery Evangelist at Split Software, has joined the DEVOPSdigest Vendor Forum.

At Split Software, Karow speaks about feature flag strategies that connect progressive feature delivery with per-session observation of system health, user experience and user behavior. He grew up in Silicon Valley as it evolved from chips to software and then internet services, giving him a unique perspective on the long arc of technology evolution. Before joining Split, Karow evangelized the “shift left” of performance testing at BlazeMeter, helping dev teams ship faster with greater confidence.

Split is a product decisions platform for engineering and product teams who want to rapidly – and safely – deliver valuable software to customers. Split provides a unified feature flag and experimentation solution that is trusted by engineers and built for teams of any size to make data-driven decisions. Split ingests large volumes of data and performs near real-time statistical analysis to look for the impact of every feature release on metrics that matter to you.

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