SnapLogic Adds New DevOps and Automation Capabilities
August 15, 2018

SnapLogic announced dedicated DevOps and automation capabilities, including new integration with GitHub and support for Mesosphere to automate critical elements of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

These new enhancements to the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud provide the company’s growing customer base with self-service application and data integration to streamline and accelerate the software development lifecycle.

SnapLogic also announced updates to its Iris AI technologies and a new patterns catalog to help users build integration pipelines with more confidence and less effort.

With SnapLogic’s new platform updates, IT teams and citizen developers can build and test their integrations collaboratively, merge their work immediately back to their product, and identify bugs early to minimize the impact on user experience.

“As shipping reliable software in a timely manner increasingly becomes a business imperative and competitive differentiator, enterprises must automate business processes, migrate to the cloud, adopt agile frameworks, and improve collaboration between IT teams,” said Craig Stewart, VP Product Management at SnapLogic. “With our latest platform updates, we’re looking ahead of the curve to provide an innovative product that provides citizen developers with the glue needed to streamline the software development lifecycle.”

SnapLogic’s new integration with GitHub Cloud provides CI/CD support by enabling system administrators to access different versions of their SnapLogic assets, including tasks, pipelines, and projects from SnapLogic, with visibility into changes with each update. Additionally, users can easily identify which asset versions they want to incorporate into different projects. The integration allows users to host the SnapLogic assets they created in GitHub while maintaining version control so they can continue working on those assets later. This is essential for DevOps to continue providing a seamless user experience while delivering product and service updates in a timely manner.

New support for Mesosphere allows users to spin up Docker containers immediately instead of managing them manually. With Mesosphere support, any number of containers can be spun up with a single click through Mesosphere. Customers using Mesosphere can lower operating expenses, minimize the time needed to manage containers, and reduce errors when moving services to containerized environments.

SnapLogic’s AI-powered Integration Assistant now provides an additional option for users to build their integration workflows starting with the last Snap of the integration pipeline. This builds on previous capabilities where the Iris recommendation engine started with the first Snap, followed by each subsequent Snap, when providing guidance on pipeline creation. Now, when a user first places the last Snap on the canvas, the Integration Assistant will display suggested previous Snaps until the pipeline is complete. Additionally, users have the option to start with the first and last Snaps of the pipeline and the Integration Assistant will work from the outsides-in and recommend Snaps to build out the entire pipeline. Delivery of this new feature builds on SnapLogic’s commitment to self-service capabilities to help users at all skill levels build high-quality integrations quickly and easily.

SnapLogic also today launched the Patterns Catalog. Pipeline patterns are pre-built, reusable integration pipelines that can be configured through a step-by-step wizard in the Enterprise Integration Cloud. Via the SnapLogic Community, users can search for a specific pattern in the Patterns Catalog, and populate the pattern with account information for the platforms and data needed to process once the pattern is added to the platform. Users can benefit from patterns by eliminating the need to build their integration workflows from scratch, resulting in faster time to integration and delivery.

Additional updates to SnapLogic’s Enterprise Integration Cloud platform include:

- Enhanced connectivity for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Significant updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Snap Pack improves user experience and enhances connectivity for simple and complex Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrations.

- API Integration Enhancement: Expanded activity view enables users to monitor and audit their API activity within the past 90 days.

- Enhanced Dashboard Search: Early warning capability added on the dashboard search allows users to identify successful and failed pipelines and immediately rectify less optimal pipelines, eliminating any disruptions in business processes.

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