Sauce Labs Supports iOS and Android Native Test Automation Frameworks
October 03, 2018

Sauce Labs announced advanced support for iOS and Android Native Test Automation Frameworks to enhance continuous testing for mobile application development.

With the addition of support for these native test automation frameworks, Sauce Labs continues to offer the largest and most reliable test automation grid across all mobile platforms, including emulators, simulators and real devices.

Native test automation frameworks such as XCUITest and Espresso are powerful tools that enable developers to implement mobile testing easily and comprehensively. Because these automation frameworks are built directly into their respective Integrated Development Environments (IDE), developers can get tests up and running quickly, as well as gain immediate access to the debugging tools available within the IDE. By supporting both native test frameworks as well as Appium, Sauce Labs offers customers more options to improve their developer productivity.

“As developers write functional tests, they tend to prefer testing frameworks that are embedded in their development tools so they can maximize their efficiency and velocity,” said Lubos Parobek, VP of Product at Sauce Labs. “Sauce Labs is excited to support iOS developers and Android developers with the addition of XCUITest and Espresso to our service.”

With Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, developers can scale automation quickly and effectively, creating robust and reusable code to keep pace with CI/CD while improving the quality of mobile apps developed via test automation.

Benefits include:

- Faster Test Execution - Device caching for XCUITest and Espresso allows users to continually execute test suites without constant provisioning of devices.

- Advanced Parallel Test Execution - Developers can run a subset of tests against specific devices instead of the entire suite of tests on one device, as well as run tests in parallel across multiple devices using one runner for both Espresso and XCUITest.

- Simplified CI/CD Integration - Parallel testing and test case setting via a simple configuration file.

These enhancements are included for current users of the Sauce Labs platform and are available immediately.

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