Progress Chef Cloud Security Released
May 10, 2022

Progress announced the release of Progress Chef Cloud Security, extending DevSecOps with compliance support for native cloud assets and enabling end-to-end management of all on premise, cloud and native cloud resources.

This new offering is complemented with new capabilities across the Chef portfolio targeting DevOps success in the most demanding and complex enterprise deployments.

This release builds on Progress’ commitment to deliver a unified and scalable platform that enables enterprises to accelerate the delivery of secure and compliant application releases in mixed computing environments.

The new offering provides the following benefits:

- Enables existing skillsets without time consuming and costly training for managing compliance and security posture for cloud native technologies including Containers, Kubernetes and microservices, ensuring the greatest possible DevOps coverage across entire fleets of assets.

- Supports native-cloud assets for multi-cloud deployment across AWS, Azure, Google and Alibaba clouds using certified CIS/DISA STIG profiles to continually scan and automatically detect security configuration issues.

- Coordinate security, development, testing and operations participation makes it easy to shift security checks to the left applying policy checks at every stage of the DevOps pipeline with coded artifacts, automated tests and enterprise control and visibility via Policy as Code approach.

- Bolsters success with the right mix of training, community and DevRel assistance, technical support as well as cloud aligned pricing and licensing.

Complementing the new Chef Cloud Security offering, Progress continues to invest in Progress Chef InSpec, the core underlying security and compliance mechanism:

- New Data Source and Host Support: As new technologies are adopted; organizations aspire to use their same DevOps practices to manage new assets. Progress has expanded data protection to include SAP ASE, IBM DB2, Mongo, Cassandra, Oracle, MS SQL, along with host CIS coverage for new RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu Linux distributions and Mac OS Monterey.

- Cloud Protection and Scale: As organizations turn to the cloud, many of them are forced to contend with multiple public clouds. Progress has expanded CIS benchmark profile coverage for AWS, Azure, and GCP, with customizable pre-built service and resource templates for 100+ cloud resources reducing the security implementation effort while also providing best in class scale and performance.

- Ease of Use: Continuing our pursuit to accelerate DevOps journeys, Progress continues to invest in enabling DevOps practitioner success. DevOps professionals now benefit from the automated creation of code, test and documentation artifacts for new resources, improved visibility into the status and expected completion time for compliance scans, and advanced Shell command support for control and testing without file output.

As a long-time proponent of the collaboration-based ‘infrastructure as code’, Chef has applied the same principles to introduce a ‘policy as code’ for security and compliance. Chef now helps organizations achieve their goal of using a single ‘as code’ framework for their infrastructure, application, desktop, security and compliance concerns across their entire on premise, cloud and edge device inventory. The complete set of Chef capabilities are available as part of the Progress Chef Enterprise Automation Stack (EAS), designed for scale to meet the demand of the largest global enterprises, which now includes these new features:

- Combining Configuration and Compliance Processing: Chef now enables DevOps workloads to easily combine infrastructure configuration processing with compliance audits using a single consolidated policy definition. This new feature simplifies the workflow between developers, IT Ops and Security professionals implementing and running compliance audits, while providing a single management and visibility layer—capable of end-to-end processing of configuration updates, state validation and enforcement, data aggregation and integration for analysis and action triggers using ServiceNow, Splunk, ELK and more.

- Chef “High Availability” (HA): Businesses across many industries rely on Chef products to ensure high uptime and resilience of their critical systems. Chef now supports a HA topology out of the box for higher scalability, resilience and recovery of critical systems. It is available out of the box with enterprise-grade features that meet the flexible demands of scaling and security compliance of underlying infrastructures.

“Over the past several years, Chef — now under the leadership of Progress — has placed significant focus on building out security and compliance capabilities to make the DevSecOps concept achievable for our customers,” said Sundar Subramanian, EVP & GM DevSecOps, Progress. “Through a policy-as-code approach, we are extremely excited to see what our customers will accomplish as they aspire to end-to-end DevOps.”

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