Parasoft Offers Open Source Development Community Free Access to Entire Suite of Test Automation Software
November 07, 2018

Parasoft announced a new program that will provide software developers working on open source projects with free access to the Parasoft tool suite.

The program will enable open source projects to leverage Parasoft's enterprise-class test automation software, ranging from deep code analysis, unit ,and functional testing, to performance, load, and security testing.

Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft, said: "Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with our clients use of open source software and, with the announcement of the Parasoft Open Source Support Program, we are excited to extend access to our tool suite to those developers contributing to the open source projects that have become business critical components of our clients' ecosystems."

Whether it's integrating into a Jenkins pipeline, creating JUnit test cases leveraging Mockito or executing GoogleTest, Selenium, or Appium tests as part of a Continuous Testing process, Parasoft's tool suite leverages and integrates with open source software at each stage of the software development process.

As enterprise organizations leverage open source software as part of their software development process, it is critical that these technologies are built to the same level of quality as the applications they are supporting. By utilizing the Parasoft tool suite, developers contributing to these popular open source projects are now able to ensure that the technology they are developing is secure, reliable, and scalable.

To participate in the Parasoft Open Source Support Program and acquire free user licenses for applicable Parasoft tools, a developer must be an active contributor to an active and vital Open Source project that is recognized within the global Open Source community. Licenses will be valid for one year and will apply to all product upgrades during that period, with annual renewals required for continued use.

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