Panzura Releases Elasticsearch Service
March 27, 2019

Panzura announced the general availability of the Elasticsearch Service ( ESS) on its platform service.

Elasticsearch users can now reap the power of a serverless model to deploy Elasticstacks (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats) in seconds without worrying about cluster size, scale limitations and on-going management. ESS puts the elastic in search infrastructure, making it easy to collect and derive data insights with Elasticsearch faster and more cost-effective.

Elasticsearch is widely used by millions around the world for enterprise search to monitor server logs, application data and clickstreams. ESS enables businesses to quickly ingest, index, search and analyze many types of unstructured data, from log files to Internet of Things (IoT) telemetry data to security events to customer clickstreams, providing scalable and real-time search.

With ESS, line of business, IT operations, DevOps and managed service provider professionals benefit from:

- Elastic Simplicity: One-click provisioning of one or many Elasticsearch clusters in seconds via automated, serverless deployment; deploy in a multi-tenant or dedicated cluster in AWS or in a private cloud managed service.

- Elastic Scale: Consume as a microservice in seconds and scale from test to PBs without resizing clusters or changing/redesigning the cluster architecture and size.

- Elastic Savings: Pay for what is used, with no minimum commitment and save 25-50 percent compared to alternative services.

- Elastic Security: Data is secured, encrypted, backed up and replicated for disaster recovery and provides an automated, simple stack setup that protects from administrative error and misconfigurations. ESS supports the full 6.5 Elasticstack (ELK) and the open elasticsearch API. The service is perfect for first-time and experienced Elasticsearch users who need a low-risk, fast-deploy environment that can scale to production quickly.

"Setting up the infrastructure to run Elasticsearch means making big decisions up front about sizing and architecture," said Geoff Tudor, VP and GM of "With ESS, enterprise users eliminate these issues. Users can build apps for security operations, application performance, and infrastructure monitoring with our open APIs. They can launch a small instance in just one click, then scale as they move toward production, paying only for what they need. We're bringing an elastic experience to deploying Elasticsearch." ESS is the second service to be offered in the multi-cloud data services marketplace. File Search Service, the first service announced in August, enables customers to search, analyze and control unstructured file data in leading NFS and SMB file systems including Panzura CloudFS, NetApp, Isilon and VNX.

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