npm Enterprise Introduced
March 21, 2019

npm, Inc. announced npm Enterprise,a managed deployment of the npm registry designed to meet the collaboration, security and compliance needs of large organizations.

npm Enterprise offers a dedicated cloud-deployed registry allowing for publication and sharing of public packages without the risk of a shared system. Companies get their own “” website with support for industry-standard SSO authentication to control developer access and other permissions. Private packages and teams promote code sharing between developers across the enterprise, while single-tenant deployment satisfies security and operational policies that can be customized as needed. Developers can publish private packages to their own company registry, or make them open source for anyone to access.

The solution integrates with the npm registry, placing the world’s largest collection of open source software at enterprise developers’ fingertips.

“Approximately 100% of the world’s enterprises acquire over 97% of their JavaScript from the npm Public Registry, making the introduction of npm Enterprise essential for professionalization of JavaScript development,” said Bryan Bogensberger, CEO of npm, Inc. “With npm Enterprise, we are giving JavaScript developers the npm tools they love while providing the enterprise with enhanced visibility, security and control. The result: happiness throughout organizations everywhere.”

In the past, enterprise developers who wished to share code with one another had to do so by hand: via email or an artifact store not designed to enable reuse on a massive scale. With npm Enterprise, companies benefit from a modern, open source development workflow that allows developers to work as they always have, while ensuring security, compliance and access control.

npm Enterprise features include:

- Dedicated single-tenant hosting in a Kubernetes cluster

- Company-specific URL

- Support for industry-standard SSO authentication

- Role-based access control for managing access and publication of modules

- Sharing of private packages between and across teams

- Customizable workflows for code collaboration and seamless CI/CD system integration

- Notification of known vulnerabilities through “npm audit”

“We believe that npm Enterprise can help organizations build better software more quickly than ever before,” said Isaac Z. Schlueter, Chief Product Officer at npm, Inc. “But today’s announcement is just the beginning. Our roadmap is full of opportunities to build on our knowledge and the power of the npm ecosystem, and we can’t wait to see how npm will continue to change the way developers work within the enterprise.”

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