New Version of Progress Kinvey Platform Released
March 19, 2019

Progress announced the latest release of the Progress Kinvey platform, delivering a combination of high productivity, full developer control over the app experience, and operational efficiency for modern workloads with dynamic scale.

Progress has brought to market a new form of low-code platform – one that’s focused on the professional developer – delivering new high productivity capabilities that speed the app development process, but still enable the delivery of differentiated multi-channel experiences that run natively across devices and platforms.

Based on JavaScript, the Progress Kinvey platform enables businesses to deliver app experiences across a variety of channels – native iOS and Android, web, chat and more. It provides a modern serverless backend for operational efficiency, full control of the application code and the end-to-end data management capabilities required to build robust enterprise business applications.

“Traditional low-code platforms are adequate for helping companies rapidly roll out many tactical apps. However, they lack the ability to deliver high scale, truly engaging, consumer-grade experiences that offer consistency across channels,” said Dmitri Tcherevik, CTO, Progress. “At the other end of the spectrum, DIY development projects deliver high-touch experiences, but are highly inefficient, slow to market and costly to maintain. IT teams need to focus on innovation, not infrastructure. Our focus on high productivity for professional developers changes all of that by bringing a solution to market that offers the best of both worlds, low-code development that results in flexible, scalable, omni channel apps.”

The Progress Kinvey platform offers:

- Kinvey Studio: A visual development tool that provides a low-code development environment for rapidly building mobile, web and chat-based apps, without sacrificing full developer control over the application and code. It is built on open standards and enables round-trip code generation, so developers can move in and out of the low-code environment seamlessly. It works with existing source control, testing and other dev processes, and offers access to all application source code for inspection and alteration.

- Serverless Platform Architecture: The first and only serverless high productivity cloud platform, Kinvey manages and auto-scales secure business app infrastructures across data, authentication, microservices and functions, and supports both deploying and scaling modern apps – all of which are necessary to remain competitive.

- Kinvey Chat: An innovative, artificial intelligence-driven technology for rapidly creating and deploying guided task chatbots that easily integrate with existing enterprise and legacy systems.

- Kinvey Data Pipeline: Providing end-to-end data and authentication management from device to source enterprise systems; engineered to protect, virtualize and synchronize data and authentication layers from disparate enterprise systems, this capability includes cloud caching, offline data management with delta synchronization, identity integrations and no-code/low-code microservices to access external data.

- Native Multi-channel: Building off the popularity of JavaScript, NativeScript and Angular, the Kinvey platform enables the development and delivery of native iOS, Android and web apps to create beautiful, consumer-grade UX while providing significant code reuse between the web and mobile tiers. It also provides direct access to all native platform APIs and third-party iOS and Android code, ensuring apps built on Kinvey offer a no-compromise native experience.

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