Indium Software Unveils AI Driven Test Automation Framework - iSAFE 4.0
September 27, 2018

Indium Software has released a new and upgraded version of its IP-based test automation framework, iSAFE 4.0.

The new version has a slew of features that will make test automation, monitoring and report generation more intuitive and easier, freeing up resources to focus on key progressive goals. These features have been developed after conducting in-depth studies into customer usage of test automation frameworks, keeping in mind the need for greater efficiency in the software development lifecycle.

- Mobile Integration: iSAFE is a customizable, portable and tool agnostic software testing framework that helps reduce time and cost of testing, while improving the quality of outcomes by reducing manual intervention, thus preventing human errors. The latest version of the framework, iSAFE 4.0, leverages the advancements in mobile technology to enable testers to control the automated testing process even from the comfort of their homes or when travelling. It uses APIs to facilitate integration with mobile devices. With robust security features to protect against misuse, an iSAFE app will soon be available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, to make it easy for users. Indium believes this will certainly make it easier for project managers to monitor testing on multiple software modules, through a dashboard.

- DevOps ready for CD/CI: In the DevOps environment, continuous development/continuous integration have created a need for unattended test execution that gets triggered the moment a new feature is introduced or an old one updated. In response to the industry need for iSAFE to talk proactively to CD/CI frameworks such as Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo and Build Bot, iSAFE 4.0 includes a feature that enables triggering or scheduling the execution from the CD/CI tool as required.

- Analytics Dashboards: The reporting feature in iSAFE, already comprehensive in coverage, has received a further facelift in Version 4.0, as it now enables further drilling down for viewing reports for each module and test case. The reports provide insights and error trends that can help improve subsequent builds and processes better. The reports can also be downloaded in newer formats such as PDFs, in addition to the existing HTML format. The user interface has become even more intuitive and easy to use.

"At Indium, AI is not just a buzzword nor has it been used just for the sake of using it. We applied AI-based techniques after carefully understanding a customer pain point. The pain point was around generating test scripts and triggering a test cycle automatically after a feature release. We use artificial intelligence to address this pain point," says Srikanth Manohar, Sr VP - Automation at Indium Software.

Ramesh Krish, CTO of Indium Software, adds, "I am personally very excited with the launch of iSAFE 4.0. Over the last seven years, we've constantly upgraded and reinvented our test automation toolkits and methodologies. We believe iSAFE 4.0 will be a game changer both in terms of efficiency and reduced time-to-market, by reducing test cycle times during new product launches."

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