Harness Available on AWS Marketplace
March 28, 2019

Harness is now available for purchase on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace — giving AWS customers the ability to access Harness' solution for automating the Continuous Delivery process and delivering artifacts to production quickly, securely, and repeatably using Machine Learning (ML) and templatized pipelines. Harness has also recently achieved Standard Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Harness brings the power of enterprise Continuous Delivery to DevOps and engineering teams, empowering them to move fast and ship code without the fear of failed deployments. With its Smart Automation technology, Harness helps automate the entire continuous delivery process. By applying unsupervised machine learning to the process — a new technology called Continuous Verification — the platform understands an application's baseline environment and can initiate automatic rollbacks when irregular activity is detected, avoiding application downtime or widespread failures.

"Harness customers are deploying applications at a lightning pace to AWS, and therefore teaming with AWS and joining AWS Marketplace is a natural fit for Harness as we continue to grow quickly and offer our platform to resource-strapped engineering and DevOps teams worldwide," said Jyoti Bansal, Harness co-founder & CEO. "We see Continuous Delivery as an extraordinarily complicated problem that, today, people are solving using outdated tools: Jenkins pipelines, scripting, and tons of manual oversight. The Harness Continuous Delivery platform is designed for exactly the kinds of complex, cloud-native applications that are the lifeblood of AWS customers."

Key features of the Harness Continuous Delivery platform include:

- Pipeline Builder.Instead of taking hours to build pipelines, DevOps teams can build and execute complete continuous delivery pipelines in minutes with serial or parallel workflows across their applications, services, and environments.

- Workflow Wizard.Complex deployments become simple with out-of-the-box support for canary deployments, blue/green deployments, and rolling updates on Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS, AWS Lambda, and AWS Auto Scale Groups.

- Continuous Verification.Release teams finally know for sure that deployments succeeded or failed by leveraging unsupervised machine learning to automatically verify application deployments in production. They can detect errors quality and regressions from tools such as Amazon CloudWatch, AppDynamics, New Relic, Splunk, Elastic and Sumo Logic, as well as use the Harness 24×7 ServiceGuard feature to monitor the performance of releases indefinitely.

- Automated Rollback.Instead of painful, manual rollbacks, Harness can automate rollbacks to the last working artifact version and run-time configuration with no required scripting or code.

- Continuous Security.Harness bakes in security into every step of the deployment process. Harness uses its SecretStore, built on AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), or deep HashiCorp Vault integration to seamlessly reference secrets across all deployment workflows and pipelines. Harness also keeps full audit trail of every deployment, so teams know the who, what, where, and when behind every action.

- Real-Time Delivery Analytics.DevOps and engineering team leads now have powerful insight into every application, environment, version, and deployment. Teams can debug deployments in seconds, and role-based access is baked into every part of the platform.

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