Experitest and Worksoft Join Forces on Continuous Testing
August 14, 2018

Worksoft and Experitest announced a new collaboration that extends code-free test automation to any mobile device or application, covering all Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows tablets.

Under this new partnership, Experitest and Worksoft deliver an easy-to-use, lower cost solution for running end-to-end business process tests on mobile devices – both on-premise or in the cloud.

Worksoft's new integration with Experitest provides a rich cross-platform, mobile application testing environment with a variety of deployment models. Tests can be run via the device cloud, a locally tethered device, or a simulator, providing true end-to-end continuous testing directly via Worksoft Certify test automation. Testing teams can create mobile tests with Worksoft Certify the same way they create code-free automated tests for any other application. This eliminates the need for teams to learn another tool and tests can be immediately leveraged as part of end-to-end tests.

"Enterprises are rolling out business application updates at an escalating pace. To mitigate risks, the testing process requires continuity between back-end systems and front-end browsers and the mobile apps used to access them," said Tal Barmeir, CEO, Experitest. "Through the integration with Worksoft Certify, enterprises can now receive rapid feedback on how their business applications behave on numerous real browsers and devices."

"Today's enterprise application landscapes are increasingly complex, yet IT organizations remain under constant pressure to deliver new functionality, both rapidly, and without business disruption. Through our new collaboration with Experitest, we can better meet enterprise needs to test business apps on all digital platforms from a single point of entry, quickly and effectively," said Brian Smith, VP, Engineering, Worksoft. "Enterprises can now extend end-to-end testing through Experitest’s platform to include real devices."

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