Engineering Unhappy with DevOps Monitoring Tools
August 20, 2015

Julia Lim

Monitoring is an unsurprisingly accurate barometer for DevOps adoption in an organization. For traditional IT, there is typically a handoff from developers delivering code to a centralized operations team, which is responsible for monitoring the performance of that code in production. DevOps organizations seek to break down the barriers between operations and development, fostering collaboration and enabling more developers to be responsible for their own code all the way through production.

Circonus conducted a survey at the recent ChefConf show. Some of the results were what we expected, especially of such a DevOps-oriented audience. Other results were surprising, as we tried to gauge, for example, how far along people were on their DevOps journey and, in particular, what the new DevOps requirements were for monitoring tools.

The Numbers - Highlights

■ 40% said they have run into scalability challenges with their monitoring

■ 70% said that Engineering is not satisfied with their current monitoring platform

■ More than 80% of respondents use open source monitoring tools but overall only gave them an average grade

■ 93% said correlating operations performance and business metrics is important or very important, but only 1 in 3 have tools that help them do it

Key Takeaways

■ DevOps has different requirements and expectations when it comes to monitoring, which traditional monitoring tools cannot meet.

■ Reliability is critical in DevOps environments that must accommodate new levels of speed and scale.

■ DevOps values monitoring and analytics tools that can provide intelligence beyond simple status, and can correlate IT performance to business metrics.

Julia Lim is VP of Marketing at Circonus.

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