Electric Cloud Launches Extended DevOps Training and Certification Program
September 18, 2018

Electric Cloud announced a new training and certification program called Electric Cloud University (ECU).

Created in partnership with the DevOps Institute, the program allows Electric Cloud users to access on-demand training at their convenience and desired pace. ECU allows organizations to realize the benefits of DevOps and Application Release Orchestration (ARO) by providing a path for IT professionals looking to acquire new skills via training offered online, onsite, and through regional Continuous Education Workshops.

Electric Cloud created ECU to augment traditional classroom training and to provide users with the flexibility to take the training when they need it. While organizations can still choose to have in-person training, ECU courses are also available in an online, self-paced learning management system (LMS). The ECU curriculum will cover DevOps practices such as Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), as well as pipeline and environment management, release orchestration, deployment automation, and build and test cycle acceleration. The ECU LMS has multiple levels of certification, with courseware that is kept up-to-date with the latest product and updated at the same cadence as Electric Cloud product releases, so information is always current and students don’t have to wait to be trained on the latest features.

“Ultimately, the power of a Learning Management System (LMS) like ECU will help not only our current base of customers, but will support the continued learning and growth of the software delivery community as a whole,” said Sunil Mavadia, Global Head of Customer Journey at Electric Cloud. “As the leader in ARO, Electric Cloud is committed to advancing the industry by providing knowledge and best practices for ARO through the numerous learning paths and certifications available in ECU.”

ElectricFlow certifications include:

- Release Orchestration
- Release Orchestration Master
- Deployment Automation Engineer
- Deployment Automation Engineer Master
- Administrator

ElectricAccelerator courses cover build and resource optimization, on-prem and cloud resource management, and test cycle acceleration. ElectricAccelerator certifications include:

- Build Accelerator
- Test Accelerator
- Administrator
- Agile Master

“The DevOps Institute works with recognized thought leaders like Electric Cloud to help teams acquire the relevant skills needed to survive, and thrive, during a digital transformation,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute. “We’re excited to be working with Electric Cloud to bring our curriculum and professional certifications to more organizations, starting with their inaugural Electric Cloud University workshops taking place this October in Las Vegas!”

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