CollabNet VersionOne Introduces the Latest VersionOne for Agile Management and Continuum for DevOps
August 05, 2019

CollabNet VersionOne introduced its latest VersionOne for Agile management and Continuum for DevOps offerings, as well as its VS solution that combines both.

The releases offer enhanced support for Agile at scale and Agile frameworks such as SAFe, and Value Stream Management.

New capabilities of the products make it easier for organizations to unify Agile planning and management, and DevOps and software delivery into an integrated workflow that supports Value Stream Management. Unifying visibility and data flow makes it easier for software organizations to manage development and processes based on priorities and value potential.

"High performing software organizations are bridging Agile and DevOps initiatives together through common goals that focus on business value," said Flint Brenton, CEO for CollabNet VersionOne. "To help customers deliver software that impacts the bottom-line, we continue to add new functionality that supports teams and the need for organization-wide, data-driven workflows."

With its heritage in enterprise software collaboration and integration, CollabNet VersionOne brings high-level management and the industry's most complete level of visibility for organizations adopting Value Stream Management. Its latest enhancements help customers improve data-driven decision making, the ability to capture and realize key KPIs that deliver business value, and unmatched capabilities to create a single workflow across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

To help customers improve software delivery performance in the face of continuous change, CollabNet VersionOne's award-winning and analyst validated leadership in the areas of Agile management, DevOps and Value Stream Management come together in its VS solution. It blends the strengths of the VersionOne and Continuum platforms to beyond 'done,' by orchestrating delivery pipelines, bringing together disparate DevOps tools – version control, CI/CD, infrastructure, testing and more into one unified platform.

Highlights of CollabNet VersionOne's new software capabilities include:

- VersionOne ECHO – VersionOne to ALM Synchronization

- VersionOne Portfolio Level Dependency Board

- VersionOne Progress Data Visibility in Continuum

- VS Exchange – Marketplace for custom and preconfigured Continuum and VersionOne extensions and workflows.

- Continuum TestDrive improvements to streamline provisioning.

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