Codefresh Enterprise Launched
July 31, 2018

Codefresh, a Kubernetes-native Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platform, launched Codefresh Enterprise that offers advanced deployment options, Windows, Arm (32/64-bit) build support, and enterprise-grade permissions and authorization.

Codefresh Enterprise features include:

- Hybrid infrastructure, meaning Codefresh can securely access and work with internal systems so builds do not leave the infrastructure, and companies maintain ownership of their builds;

- Docker/Kubernetes support on Windows, Arm (32/64-bit), and Linux;

- Single sign-on authentication via SAML, Okta, LDAP and more;

- Role-based access control.

“With Codefresh Enterprise and hybrid deployment, developers can have their cake and eat it too,” said Codefresh’s Chief Evangelist Dan Garfield. “Enterprises want to use SaaS software, but for security reasons, they often have to install and manage software themselves. Managing all that software is expensive, inflexible, and hard to maintain. Codefresh’s hybrid model provides a SaaS-like experience while keeping builds and code on the user’s infrastructure.”

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