Chkk Emerges from Stealth
October 25, 2023

Chkk emerged from stealth with its Kubernetes Availability Platform that identifies and prioritizes availability risks before they cause incidents and creates pre-verified upgrade plans to remediate risks and speed up upgrades.

The platform is powered by Chkk’s Collective Learning technology that mines, curates and programmatically delivers operational knowledge to all developers. The platform is now generally available.

Torsten Volk, managing research director at Enterprise Management Associates, said: “Kubernetes clusters are constantly moving targets when it comes to minimizing the risk of outages. One seemingly minor mistake can cause an impressive chain reaction of events leading to significant financial and reputational damage. Chkk enables customers to enhance Kubernetes resiliency by continuously scanning their environment for configuration mistakes, incompatibilities, deprecations and other key risk factors is nothing short of brilliant. Receiving continuous guidance from a data stream that allows the organization to learn from the mistakes of others, constitutes an ‘insurance policy’ against outages, similarly to vulnerability scans by security platforms. Very exciting indeed.”

Awais Nemat, co-founder and CEO of Chkk, said: “Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for cloud-native applications but it is complex to operate. Running mission-critical applications on Kubernetes requires teams to navigate a convoluted maze of open source, vendor-managed and cloud provider add-ons with intricate dependencies and bespoke release cycles. Even the best teams struggle to keep their infrastructure stable, well-configured and fault-free because there's just so much to keep track of. Chkk's Kubernetes Availability Platform gives teams the superpowers to learn from others' mistakes. They receive advance warning of risks, along with comprehensive details and specific plans to help them prioritize and fix these flaws. With Chkk, they can feel confident that known risks have been detected and addressed, faster and with less effort.”

Chkk’s Kubernetes Availability Platform identifies and prioritizes availability risks before they cause incidents, catalogs fleet-wide resource versions and creates pre-verified upgrade plans to remediate risks and speed up upgrades. The platform covers Kubernetes services from all public clouds as well as on-premises and edge deployments with three modules:

- Risk Ledger that identifies, prioritizes and addresses availability risks that cause errors, failures and disruptions

- Artifact Register that discovers and maps all container images, registries, tools, control planes, add-ons and applications across a Kubernetes fleet

- Upgrade Copilot that plans and executes cluster, add-on and application upgrades safely via pre-verified upgrade plans

Chkk’s platform is powered by its Collective Learning technology which lets teams programmatically and collectively learn from each other and comprises:

- Availability Risk Signature Database that discovers, curates and codifies new availability risks that have caused errors, failures and disruptions for other teams

- Knowledge Graph that learns changes happening across hundreds of Kubernetes projects and models the impact of these changes to discover the safest upgrade paths

- Detectors that track thousands of container images, operational tools, configurations and dependencies to catalog what is running in a Kubernetes fleet

Chkk’s research team reviews and curates risks to make them actionable.

Chkk also announced that it raised $5.2 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital. Chkk plans to use the funding to advance its platform and modules and to continue to expand its team.

“In the same way an X-ray scans the human body to identify, diagnose and treat physical ailments, Chkk's technology X-rays lurking availability risks in Kubernetes environments,” said Bogomil Balkansky, partner at Sequoia Capital. “As more and more mission-critical apps land on Kubernetes, its uptime and availability is of paramount concern for DevOps and platform engineering teams. Chkk is an innovative and indispensable technology that is a must for today's infrastructure teams. Awais, Fawad and Ali are a founding dream team. With over a decade of experience working together to empower global developer communities by ensuring mission-critical services remain available, their technical prowess and true understanding of the challenges that DevOps and platform engineering teams are up against today is unmatched. We look forward to watching them take off.”

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