May 06, 2016
Julie Craig

At a time when software is becoming increasingly business relevant, IT teams are, in too many cases, retreating to the silo monitoring techniques of the past to track and troubleshoot application performance ...

May 02, 2016
Tram Tran
KMS Technology

Many software development teams struggle with an overwhelming and seemingly never-ending influx of new requests. Different business groups such as sales, account management and customer care will often demand new features or product changes, particularly in large enterprise organizations. This can lead to frustration as development teams are overloaded and stuck working to put out fires. It’s important to have a clear product roadmap with solid release planning in place. A time box release cycle can introduce some stability and predictability for IT team, business team, and clients ...

April 27, 2016
Pete Goldin

Recent advancements around cross-platform development and open source are making it an exciting time to be a .NET developer, according to the 2016 .NET Community survey conducted by by Progress ...

April 15, 2016
Pete Goldin

Although DEVOPSdigest recently posted an epic list of 30 Must-Have Tools to Support DevOps, it is important to note that DevOps is not really about the tools. I said this at the beginning of the list, but the idea deserves further discussion. It is true that all of the 30 tools outlined in the list can augment an organization's DevOps initiative, but none of them — not even all of them together — can guarantee DevOps success alone. First and foremost, DevOps requires a culture change.

March 08, 2016
Gabriel Lowy

The DevOps payoff is both cultural and financial. Various studies, including the annual Puppet Labs survey, have shown that one begets the other. DevOps is about creating an environment of communication, collaboration and trust between IT and business teams. This is no easy feat. But the stronger the culture becomes, the more stable an environment it creates and the higher morale and productivity rise. As a result, companies that succeed at DevOps outperform their respective peer groups in most operating and valuation metrics ...

March 01, 2016
Russell Rothstein
IT Central Station

When it comes to DevOps solutions, there’s a dizzying choice of technology providers out there, from established enterprise companies to smaller headline-grabbing startups. Potential buyers can find it difficult to break through the vendor noise and FUD to really understand which solution will best fits their needs. I’d like to share some of the latest DevOps reviews on IT Central Station, so you can make your buying decisions free of vendor interference ...

February 16, 2016
Brad Kolarov

The proliferation of data and the pace of innovation within the open source software ecosystem are driving the convergence of Big Data, Cloud Computing, and DevOps/Automation. Proficiency across these functional areas is essential in this rapidly evolving, converging IT environment. At the moment, however, there's a lack of qualified talent with these cross-disciplinary skills. To an extent, the emergence of DevOps itself has led to a skills imbalance across disciplines ...

February 12, 2016
Pete Goldin

Agility is a key reason behind most companies’ API strategies and for fueling growing interest in microservices, according to MuleSoft's European API survey ...

February 05, 2016
Pete Goldin

As IT professionals are becoming more knowledgeable about DevOps and ChatOps, being on-call is slowly becoming more manageable, according to the second annual State of On-Call Report released by VictorOps ...

January 20, 2016
Julie Craig

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are intimately intertwined, both with one another and with revenue growth. In effect, applying DevOps principles across the lifecycle smoothes the way or “greases the wheels” for efficient delivery of application code ...

January 19, 2016
Julie Craig

EMA sees DevOps as a fundamental skill supporting business flexibility and agility. The results of EMA’s latest survey on the topic conducted in October 2015, support this statement. Companies rating the interactions between Dev and Ops as “Above Average” or “Excellent” are 11.5 times more likely to achieve double-digit revenue growth than those rating such interactions as “Average” or “Poor” ...

January 11, 2016
Malia Powers

Software development is still young and we can expect to see the tooling to help developers create better software will continue to advance. Heavybit's community of developer-focused entrepreneurs, advisors and investors weigh in on what excites them most about the future of software development ...

December 29, 2015
Pete Goldin

Organizations are focusing investments on enabling business process innovation and managing IT infrastructure more efficiently, according to IDG Enterprise’s CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016 ...

November 23, 2015
Jason Bloomberg

DevOps is an organizational and cultural rethink of how software-driven organizations can become organizations at velocity – agile enough to innovate and fast enough to deal with any change that comes their way ...

November 03, 2015
Dennis Drogseth

Over the last few years I've tried to represent a clear and growing trend that I've come to call "Advanced IT Analytics" or AIA, in contrast with other industry terms such as "IT Operations Analytics" and "Big Data". My issue with the former is that AIA isn't restricted to operations, but can reach out across all of IT, including executives, service desk and ITSM teams, development and even non-IT business stakeholders. It is multi-use case and multi-stakeholder in value, as the same data mosaic may serve performance, security, change management, and DevOps requirements, while also supporting business stakeholders in areas such as customer experience and market planning ...


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