March 17, 2021
Jayne Groll
DevOps Institute

Several DevOps Institute Ambassadors — leaders in the DevOps community who are dedicated to advancing the human elements of DevOps — recently contributed their insights into why DevOps Capability Assessments are important. Here's what they had to say ...

March 02, 2021
Hardik Shah

According to predictions made by Gartner, by 2024, low code development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity. This blog will help you understand what the buzz is all about. Let's find out what low code development is and how it can be the next big thing in the software development industry ...

February 18, 2021
Jon Collins

To kick off, the main prompt for this blog was a conversation with Jayne Groll, CEO of the DevOps Institute ... Part of the discussion focused on the idea of competencies, aka how teams small and large can build out platforms of experience and expertise. The dialog wend its way through the pluses and minuses of maturity models, of centers of excellence vs project offices, of standardization vs flexibility ...

February 04, 2021
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

When software solutions are subjected to high user traffic, they should be able to deliver the expected outcomes without facing issues like latency, glitches, or downtime. This is a critical requirement for organizations as the modern customers trust applications that are fast, usable, safe, and high-performing, especially during high-traffic situations. The software solutions shoul be able to handle any surge in data, traffic, and transactions. And to achieve the same, performance testing of the software solutions should be conducted in the SDLC ...

February 01, 2021
Mike Loukides
O'Reilly Media

Developers today are faced with the hard reality that modernizing systems is more than simply moving technology to a new location. Rather, they are expected to be intimately familiar with a host of new-generation technologies while simultaneously managing existing legacy systems as they migrate to an infrastructure that is more responsive, predictive, and scalable. Looking ahead to 2021, let's review the trends surrounding the most challenging, yet promising, topics in infrastructure and operations: Kubernetes, site reliability engineering, security, and more ...

January 25, 2021
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

Leading large Transformation efforts — that involve the creation of a Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Pipeline and practice — require knowledge of not only DevOps technology but how to operationalize it and scale it. Although two thirds of companies are undergoing transformation, 70% are still failing, equating to billions in losses. Although, these losses are attributed to communication breakdown, there are more factors that contribute to failures that should not be overlooked ...

January 13, 2021
Scott Abate

For many years I have been touting the legitimacy, and even advantages, of "Virtual Agility" only to be stonewalled by the dogmatic "co-locationists" in the Agile community. Nothing is as effective as having everyone in the same room. I get it ...

December 08, 2020
Jon Collins

Kubernetes is here, and its use is growing. Nonetheless, while most (if not all) tech-influenced organizations might be talking about Kubernetes, only about a third are actually doing it. This blog outlines who those organizations are, how they are using Kubernetes, why they are using it, and what challenges they foresee from its application in the next two years ...

December 07, 2020
Jon Collins

We're hearing a lot about Kubernetes right now, but just how much of that attention is merited? We wanted to see if Kubernetes was being widely adopted, if so by whom, and how those using it were applying the technology to boost their businesses and systems. So we conducted a survey, to explore and unpack these questions and find out the state of Kubernetes in the enterprise today ...

December 03, 2020
Tanya Vlahovic

Continuous APIfication allows businesses to interact with customers more efficiently and more frequently, while also finding new ways to create experiences that surprise and delight. In a time where companies might be looking to transform their business with APIs, it is essential to follow a consumer-centric approach, listen to feedback, iterate and strive to always do better to delight customers. Here is how to thrive with APIs in 2020 and the future ...

November 03, 2020
Mike Brittain

Remote work has been a part of the developer community for years, but when COVID struck, the world went home for the long haul. Six months later? We're doing better than expected. A lot better. In fact, my team is well-positioned to continue remote work for as long as this pandemic demands. And for me? I've become a stronger leader because of it ...

October 29, 2020
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

Think of the DevSecOps (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or CI/CD) pipeline as the highway. Think of containers as a Tesla. A logical person would never dream of having a concrete mixer work on their new Tesla. Nor would they ask their Tesla mechanic to lay the foundation for the road in front of their home. So why do some believe that Site Reliability Engineering can solve all the diverse set of challenges for DevSecOps? ...

October 28, 2020
Jeanne Morain
iSpeak Cloud

The purpose of this blog series is to debunk some of the current myths created by marketing hype, lack of understanding of containers, and lack of understanding of how businesses function across DevSecOps to enable overcoming some of the common challenges that are causing failure ...

October 22, 2020
Jon Collins

Complexity kills innovation, there, I've said it. Back in the days of Waterfall methodologies, processes would be bogged down in over-specified requirements and exhausting test regimes. No wonder software development gurus looked to return to the source (sic) and adopt the JFDI approach that remains prevalent today. Trouble is, complexity never went away: it just moved along the pipeline ...

October 19, 2020
Akshaya Choudhary
Cigniti Technologies

With superior customer experiences becoming arguably the most critical deliverable for a software development company, the traditional way of development-testing-delivery in the value chain needed a change. The result was in the form of enabling Agile and DevOps testing where development and testing are not separate silo-driven processes ...


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