BigPanda Launches New DevOps Tools
June 23, 2016

BigPanda launched new product updates and technology integrations which give Ops teams the ability to troubleshoot and maintain healthy infrastructure at scale.

BigPanda’s platform now includes Unified Search and Incident Dashboards as well as new integrations with Atlassian JIRA Software, Splunk and Datadog.

"Companies looking to mature their operational processes to better support end customers can now unify and visualize monitoring data across their organizations, drastically reduce mean time to resolution and increase uptime with these new features," said Assaf Resnick, CEO of BigPanda.

Unified Search Provides Smarter Results, Less Noise

Just released, BigPanda Unified Search is a new way for Ops teams to access alert data from all of their monitoring sources, eliminating the need to conduct parallel investigations within each monitoring tool.

When a problem materializes in a datacenter, it’s not always clear when or where the failure occurred, and Ops teams may frantically search through tens of thousands of alerts from multiple tools to identify the root cause. BigPanda Unified Search drastically reduces time to investigate by giving users an interactive way to find the most relevant alerts and incidents. It surfaces insights from all sources of monitoring alerts by continuously organizing issues from all common modern and legacy tools, including Nagios, New Relic, AppDynamics, Pingdom, SolarWinds, Site24x7 and CloudWatch.

Using BigPanda Unified Search, Ops teams can search through historical alerts even if the original monitoring tool does not retain that data and automatically find related incidents that were previously resolved or may still be open.

Operational Health Dashboards

Ops teams that need an at-a-glance representation of operational health now have access to the new Incident Dashboard in BigPanda. The new feature allows organizations to visualize the health of applications, services and infrastructure areas with personalized dashboards that enable them to be aware of and respond more quickly to issues that can impact the business.

The new dashboard feature helps Ops teams answer questions about the overall health of their operations and environments and compare it to historical trends. Each dashboard can be customized with specific indicators, including incident counts by status, the percentage increase or decrease of active incidents, and how the volume of active incidents changed over time.

Enhanced Integration with Atlassian JIRA Software and HipChat

BigPanda’s technology integration with team collaboration software company Atlassian helps Ops teams using Atlassian’s JIRA Software and HipChat products collaborate to solve more problems faster.

BigPanda enables JIRA Software users to automatically create tickets based on intelligent correlated incidents, which helps them save time, reduce ticket clutter, and get a real-time view of what’s happening so they can deliver better customer service and more reliable apps. With today’s announcement, BigPanda now supports a two-way integration with JIRA Software. This means customers who track development tasks now have the ability to automatically resolve BigPanda incidents when JIRA tickets are closed.

"Many of JIRA Software's more than 37,000 customers are manually tracking incident response tasks," said Dave Meyer, senior product manager, Atlassian. "BigPanda's JIRA Software integration will connect real-time insights from BigPanda with JIRA Software's powerful search and workflow to help people resolve incidents faster."

Splunk and Datadog Integrations Reduce Alert Noise

BigPanda is also teaming up with two DevOps pioneers – Splunk and Datadog – to reduce alert noise and provide an alternative to filtering through thousands of redundant alerts, pages and emails.

BigPanda's powerful aggregation engine normalizes alerts from Splunk, Datadog and other monitoring systems into a single consolidated incident management center. Then, BigPanda analyzes all alert streams in real time, and it intelligently groups them into a simplified list of high-level incidents so Ops teams can detect critical issues faster.

Now available in the Splunkbase App Store, the BigPanda App for Splunk allows Ops teams to trigger BigPanda incidents from Saved-Search Alerts by using the Custom Alert Actions capability in the Splunk 6.3 release. This app adds an option to the +Add Actions list in the Splunk user interface, making it easier than ever to correlate all alerts in BigPanda.

BigPanda’s new integration with Datadog makes it easier to integrate the two systems in minutes and synchronize Datadog alerts with BigPanda incidents. BigPanda features like Environments, AutoShare rules, and Operational Analytics can now be used to help Datadog customers monitor infrastructure and reduce the time required to investigate and resolve issues.

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