Automic Launches Continuous Delivery for Siebel Packaged Applications
April 14, 2016

Automic announced its new Continuous Delivery for Siebel solution to automate Siebel version upgrades and the release of new capabilities within Siebel using fast and agile development methods.

Oracle’s Siebel solution is a critical system for many enterprise organizations. Siebel delivers a combination of transactional, analytical and engagement features that expertly support customer-facing operations, making it a business critical solution, but at the same time, a point of risk exposure. Ultimately, the Siebel upgrade, development and integration processes fail to meet today's need for agility and speed.

Siebel upgrades and provisioning can take hours and sometimes days to perform. Quality issues, instability and system downtime issues can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per upgrade, even when planned. This affects customer satisfaction, damages the company’s brand and inhibits the pace of innovation for digital transformation initiatives.

Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel addresses these challenges, specifically targeting Siebel customers with the following capabilities:

- Ensures requests, upgrades and modifications are made quickly to accommodate continuous delivery timelines.

- Eliminates bottlenecks and enables zero-downtime upgrades to the Siebel application

- Cuts down any outages and unplanned downtime related to human error

- Reduces compliance risks by providing a full deployment audit trail

- Reduces overhead and rework by automating the entire Siebel lifecycle

- Delivers significant cost and risk reduction for clients

- Increases employee satisfaction and reduces attrition

With the introduction of Automic’s Continuous Delivery for Siebel solution, development teams can now deliver Siebel-specific upgrades and modifications at a level of agility demanded by the business. The solution addresses the operational and lifecycle issues by providing modern-day capabilities such as continuous integration, packaging and version control, parallel team development facilities and automated provisioning and patching for Siebel. It offers speed, agility, quality and even zero downtime upgrades for Siebel.

“With Siebel’s footprint as an embedded business critical system in large enterprises, we have seen a large number of Siebel on-premises customers choosing to stay with this solution, especially given Oracle’s stated support for Siebel through 2023. Our unique Continuous Delivery for Siebel solution enables agile Siebel deployments and releases and extends the competitiveness of the Siebel platform in this age of SaaS solutions” stated Todd DeLaughter, CEO of Automic. “We developed this solution in response to the market need to help Siebel users avoid embarrassing and expensive critical downtime associated with Siebel upgrades, while also providing the ability to deliver business value faster, more efficiently and without error – all requirements for our modern digital world. We are proud to have the only dedicated Continuous Delivery for Siebel solution on the market today.”

Julie Craig, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates said, “As Siebel customers adopt agile practices for development of front-end systems of engagement, they often encounter bottlenecks based on the fact that development of the new code is also tied to Siebel modifications on the back end. They report feeling ‘locked in’ by the systems and software running at the heart of the business and ‘locked out’ of the agile development practices that can be so beneficial to business agility. Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel mimics the component-based structure of front-end systems and enables systems of engagement and systems of record to be functionally linked for development, packaging and deployment. This is a significant achievement on the part of Automic and a major differentiator for Siebel customers who may be considering the purchase of a Release Automation solution.”

The Automic continuous delivery for Siebel solution is immediately available.

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