AppViewX SIGN+ Released
November 15, 2023

AppViewX launched AppViewX SIGN+, a flexible and secure code signing solution that enables DevOps teams to quickly and easily secure their software supply chain.

With multiple deployment options, including code signing as a service, AppViewX SIGN+ seamlessly integrates into DevOps processes to enable frictionless code signing to validate the integrity of software applications and their components.

“The recent CA/Browser (CA/B) Forum requirements for code signing certificates and keys to be stored on secure hardware is in direct response to increasing threats targeting weak code signing processes and critical software supply chain vulnerabilities,” said Ravishankar Chamarajnagar, Chief Product Officer at AppViewX. “Code-signing certificates and keys have become high-value targets for attackers, as evidenced in the SolarWinds compromise. With AppViewX SIGN+, we are offering a fully compliant code signing solution that allows developers to easily sign code, maintain speed and agility, and prove the integrity, validity, and security of code throughout the software development lifecycle.”

Using a centralized and integrated approach, AppViewX SIGN+ simplifies and secures code signing for source code, binaries, containers, and firmware. AppViewX SIGN+ integrates with native signing tools, CI/CD pipelines and workflows to ensure all code is signed before deployment, and meets security and compliance requirements. It also provides full visibility and policy-driven control over private key storage, code-signing certificate management, and access.

AppViewX SIGN+ provides the following capabilities and benefits:

Secure and Protected Code Signing

-Supports private and public code signing certificates for both internal and external use cases
- CA/B Forum compliant private key protection – FIPS 140-2 (and higher) certified HSMs
- Timestamping to support long term validation of signatures
- Supports all standard asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, RSA, ECDSA, and DSA, and is Post-Quantum Cryptography ready

Seamless and Flexible Deployment and Integrations

- Deployment options include on-premises and SaaS offerings for enterprise DevOps teams and outsourced development operations
- Integration with native signing tools and CI/CD pipelines to integrate code signing in build processes
- Option to upload and sign code in the AppViewX SIGN+ console

Code Signing Policy and Access Control

- Centralized control of code signing certificates and private keys
- Role based access control and policy controlled signing to ensure user permissions and authorization and key protection
- Visibility into signing events including usage, signing and audit trails

With flexible deployment and integration options, AppViewX SIGN+ is available now and is part of the AppViewX Digital Trust Platform that includes AppViewX CERT+, AppViewX PKI+, and AppViewX KUBE+ for automating PKI and certificate lifecycle management across complex hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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