API Fortress Releases New Tools for Developers and Automation Engineers
December 19, 2018

API Fortress released new tooling for developers and automation engineers that help them use their existing platforms and processes with minimal changes and maximum interconnectivity.

Now, developers can add API testing automation to their daily workflow with minimal effort.

Ideally, "The Development Flow" for most teams would involve a simple process of writing test code along with the API code, executing it in their environment, and maintaining that code in the same repository as the API code. That combination of those capabilities, along with a centralized API testing platform that can be triggered at will by schedule, APIs, or on code promotions, makes API Fortress the most powerful and versatile choice for API testing.

Simone Pezzano, CTO at API Fortress remarks: "Software quality in the age of mass adoption is a crucial aspect of the development cycle. API Fortress empowered QAs to write rich integration tests capable of hunting down discrepancies between the expected behavior and the actual results, in very complicated flows. But at the same time, we acknowledge that the developers' contribution in quality control is still very relevant, so we decided to open API Fortress to their internal flows. Developers are tough customers, because they (we) have a strict, organized approach to coding and software progression through versions, so we had a duty to extend our platform to allow them to not change their habits."

Patrick Poulin, CEO at API Fortress adds: "With our new tooling for The Developer Flow, developers can seamlessly integrate API Fortress with their existing workflows, preserving methodologies and habits while accelerating innovation simultaneously."

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