Alcide Kubernetes Advisor Released
June 25, 2019

Alcide announced the general availability of its Alcide Advisor solution now offered with an initial free trial.

The Alcide Advisor was designed to empower engineering teams to accelerate development timelines without compromising security by quickly identifying security drifts and risks before they are introduced into production. Fully integrated with the CI/CD pipeline, Alcide Advisor provides a single-pane view for all K8s- related risk, governance and compliance issues, including auditing, topology, network, with the mission of quickly ramping up Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) environments while benefiting from enhanced security.

With the rapid growth of cloud-native software and application development, tools like Alcide Advisor are critical for closing the security loop between the people who code, deliver and secure applications. Reali, a leading real- estate agency has worked closely with Alcide to implement the Alcide Advisor into their Amazon EKS multi-cluster environment to continuously monitor their Amazon EKS clusters for potential vulnerabilities and threats.

“The inherent risks for cloud-native applications such as Kubernetes and Istio are growing, and security hasn’t kept pace,” says Gadi Naor, co-founder and CTO of Alcide. “Finding and mitigating security vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle, is far more cost effective and efficient than finding them in later in the process.”

Alcide, which participated in the launch of Amazon EKS and was part of a group of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners selected for the general availability of AWS App Mesh, understands how to deliver continuous security within even the most complex environments. The Alcide Advisor spans across security and best-practices to continuously discover, mitigate and validate Amazon EKS clusters risks early on. The solution allows DevOps teams to discover misplaced secrets or secret access, identify Kubernetes vulnerabilities and perform additional Amazon EKS cluster checks. DevOps teams enjoy continuous, always-on, dynamic analysis including:

- Snapshot of cluster’s risks & hygiene including detailed list of misconfigurations

- Detecting hygiene drifts and consequently reducing noise by putting the spot-on cluster hygiene delta

- Real-time prevention of misconfiguration as well as blocking tainted CI/CD pipeline

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