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June 18, 2024
Andrew Lau

The 2024 State of Engineering Management Report reveals stark differences in the experiences of front-line engineers and their leaders, as well as varying predictions for how AI will shape engineering organizations. Here are 10 key takeaways from the report ...

June 17, 2024
Clyde Seepersad
Linux Foundation

As we all watch the technology industry shift to the latest technologies, languages, hardware, and more, the good news for DevOps professionals is that DevOps continues to be a top priority for organizations. As they forecast the talent needs, 51% of organizations have dedicated technical talent allocated to DevOps ...

June 12, 2024
James Maskelony

For developers and engineers, Kubernetes represents a significant — and welcome — shift ... Unfortunately, Kubernetes also comes with drawbacks — mainly in the form of security vulnerabilities that most businesses have yet to fully wrap their minds around ...

June 06, 2024
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

API security requires a holistic approach to the design, implementation, maintenance, and lifecycle management of all things API. With API traffic making up almost 70% of all Internet traffic, they are a lucrative target for cybercriminals. 84% of organizations admit they don’t currently have advanced API security in their stack, so it’s unsurprising that API-related security incidents cost global businesses as much as $75 billion annually ...

June 04, 2024
Rita Kozlov

While SaaS giants have been quick to proclaim new AI features along their existing products, are these new capabilities actually going to provide value? The AI experiences they're promising need to fit into their already complex user experience ... Here are three concepts you should be integrating into your roadmap if you're aiming to disrupt the SaaS space with AI ...

May 29, 2024
Thomas Johnson

Software engineering is an inherently social practice; after all it requires integrating all the work into a shared code base and assuming collective responsibility for architectural decisions made during the design phase. In this context, effective knowledge transfer and documentation practices are crucial in mitigating technical debt and enhancing team performance ...

May 28, 2024
Thomas Johnson

Regardless of whether an engineering team is colocated, remote, or hybrid, they are susceptible to the same communication pitfalls. These pitfalls stem from inherent human and group dynamics and they can lead to miscommunication, backtracking, and misunderstandings ...

May 23, 2024
Kristin Manogue
Check Point Software

The 2024 Cloud Security Report from Cybersecurity Insiders and Check Point is now available for download. The new report draws on the experience and perspective of over 800 cloud and cybersecurity professionals to provide a deep look at the current state of cloud security. We asked these industry experts to evaluate the effectiveness of their existing security measures and to report on the adoption of the latest security solutions at their companies. Taken all together, these insights provide a comprehensive view of the big opportunities and persistent challenges of cloud security ...

May 22, 2024
Peter Pezaris
New Relic

New Relic published the 2024 State of the Java Ecosystem Report with findings from 2024. The annual report gathers data from hundreds of thousands of applications that report to New Relic with performance information. Here are six key takeaways from the report ...

May 21, 2024
Matthew D. Groves

Generative AI (GenAI) is a clear priority for organizations — a survey conducted by Couchbase of 500 IT decision makers found that almost all respondents have specific goals to use it in 2024. As organizations prepare for GenAI's rapid growth, they are facing critical questions ...

May 16, 2024
Jack McCurdy

Human-centricity refers to designing products, services, and processes with a deep understanding of human needs, behaviors, and preferences. This shapes both how engineering teams approach their development and create software with user experience at heart ...

May 15, 2024
Jori Ramakers

A recent survey from Tricentis found that high-quality mobile apps can improve just about every aspect of a company's standing including enhanced end-user experience, increased brand value and sales, improved company competitiveness, and bolstered customer retention and acquisition ...

May 14, 2024
Rob Zuber

The fundamental goal of engineering leaders is to streamline development processes while boosting efficiency and output quality. CircleCI's recent 2024 State of Software Delivery report highlights the practices of elite software delivery teams, in turn providing insights that can help us achieve these objectives ...

May 13, 2024
Sean Pratt

Managing and securing your software supply chain is vital to delivering reliable, trusted releases in today's software world. With the constant growth of open-source components, assessing your organization's ability to manage them is crucial. To help you prepare, JFrog compiled a report ...

May 09, 2024
Dotan Nahum
Check Point Software Technologies

Open source projects thrive on community contributions, but this openness can be a double-edged sword. Consistency, collaboration, and diligence are critical when prioritizing open source security. Still, questions linger about the impact of new trends and developments on OSS security best practices and the wider community ...


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