QASymphony and Tricentis Finalize Merger
January 31, 2019

QASymphony and Tricentis have finalized their merger under the name Tricentis.

Originally announced in June 2018, the merger joins qTest and Tricentis’ Continuous Platform to create an end-to-end solution for transforming software testing to accelerate digital transformation

The combined power of Tricentis Tosca and qTest provides our customers with test-driven methods for accelerating agile and DevOps transformation across the enterprise, in a much more significant way — from the delivery of software that enhances the customer experience and drives revenue to the complex IT architectures that power the business.

This merger means Tricentis will be delivering an expanded suite of testing solutions that complement and enhance the qTest experience. And with the significant power of the combined product and engineering teams, the company will be investing in innovation to deliver new features and integrations at a rapid pace.

qTest already integrates with Tricentis Tosca, a model-based test automation solution that allows anyone to be a test engineer, and Tricentis Flood, a load testing tool for DevOps.

And Tricentis has big plans for 2019. The company will be rolling out enhanced integrations, introducing new features to help you stay more organized and test smarter, and designing an enhanced reporting experience that helps you gain insights and rapidly take action to improve end-to-end quality — just to name a few.

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