Puppet Announces PuppetConf 2016 Keynote Speakers
July 28, 2016

Puppet announced the keynote lineup and IT Leader track for PuppetConf 2016 (San Diego, CA, 20-21 October).

PuppetConf 2016 is a two-plus day conference that includes in-person training, more than 80 education sessions, the opportunity to connect with more than 100 expert speakers, 1,700 people, and practical strategies and techniques attendees can use to thrive in today’s software-driven world.

This year’s keynotes will cover the future of Puppet, digital transformation, and offer real-world examples of how organizations use Puppet to optimize the cloud and adopt technologies like containers. For the second consecutive year, PuppetConf will feature an IT Leader track focused on emerging trends in IT, the state of DevOps, security and compliance, next-generation technology, and real-world examples of how IT teams are driving digital transformation within their organizations.

Featured Keynote Speakers

Puppet - Luke Kanies, founder and CEO of Puppet, will kick off PuppetConf on Thursday 20 October, with a visionary keynote on the changing role of operations in today’s technology climate. Following Luke, Sanjay Mirchandani, president and COO of Puppet, will discuss the state of Puppet, recent momentum, and what’s next for Puppet. Jamie Hull, VP of Product at Puppet, will also share the latest product innovations.

Nike - Mike Wittig, senior director of Nike Consumer Digital Infrastructure Services, will discuss Nike’s digital transformation, showing how IT has pushed the business forward and made a measurable impact.

Healthdirect Australia - Scott Coulton, a solution architect at Healthdirect and author of "Puppet for Containerization," will talk about how Healthdirect leveraged Puppet to drive adoption of containers and move to the cloud.

Microsoft - Jeffrey Snover, a technical fellow at Microsoft, will talk about Microsoft’s latest offerings, including Azure Stack and Nano Server, and demonstrate how Puppet can help enterprises adopt these technologies today.

Special Panel Presentation - Join us for a special panel discussion moderated by Nigel Kersten, CIO of Puppet, with the authors of the forthcoming "DevOps Handbook": Gene Kim, co-author of "The Phoenix Project"; Jez Humble, author of "Continuous Delivery” and “Lean Enterprise"; and John Willis. This panel discussion will focus on the state of DevOps today.

A lineup of expert presenters and panelists will cover:

- How companies are enabling digital transformation.

- What’s next for DevOps, plus successes and lessons learned from organizations that have adopted DevOps practices.

- Approaches to ensure security and compliance without sacrificing agility.

- Strategies for adopting next-generation technologies such as containers, schedulers, and orchestration tools.

- Tips for CIOs and IT leaders on the most effective ways to build high-impact teams.

Puppet will be joined at PuppetConf 2016 by its sponsors including: Arista, Cisco, CloudBolt Software, Column Technologies, Cumulus Networks, DigitalOcean, EMC, Example42, LogicMonitor, Onyx Point, Inc., Ooyala, PagerDuty, QA Consulting, Red Hat, SignalFx, Splunk, Stack IQ, VictorOps, and more.

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