Electric Cloud Expands Executive Team
September 06, 2016

Electric Cloud expanded its leadership team to build upon its growing success in the DevOps and Continuous Delivery marketplace.

New additions to the leadership team include Tom Frederick, Board Member; John Giannitsis, Chief Revenue Officer; and Carmine Napolitano, Chief Financial Officer.

“We’re thrilled with the recent traction we’ve been getting and the deals we’ve been winning, which include a Fortune 20 bank, a leading online mortgage lender and a leading privately-held online stock trading firm,” said Steve Brodie, CEO for Electric Cloud. “We’re excited for the immediate impact these industry veterans will have on the Electric Cloud team as we continue to capitalize on strong market demand with best in class technology and a relentless commitment to customer success.”

The new leadership team members bring invaluable experience to Electric Cloud:

- Tom Frederick, Board of Directors: Frederick will serve as the newest member on the Board of Directors. With more than 35 years of global and cross-industry experience in a wide variety of technology-based operating, investing and advising roles, Frederick is a proven leader with an established track record of creating industry level solutions, transforming organizations and building businesses. Frederick’s operating experience includes various CEO positions and executive roles in the strategy, sales, marketing, development, service and finance functions in variety of public and private SaaS and enterprise software and systems companies. Frederick’s consulting experience includes leading and building the global strategy and technology practice at Arthur Andersen Business Consulting. Tom’s venture capital experience includes formerly serving as a general partner at Venrock Associates.

- John Giannitsis, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): Giannitsis works closely with the sales, marketing and engineering teams to enable a high-performing sales team through faster feedback loops both internally, and with customers. Giannitsis has more than 20 years of experience in sales, where he has led teams to big revenue numbers and company acquisitions. Prior to Electric Cloud, he was Senior VP of Sales at OnBoardify and also led successful growth at companies including Keynote Systems, MKS (now PTC), Rational Software (now IBM), and Computer Associates.

- Carmine Napolitano, Chief Financial Officer (CFO): As the CFO for Electric Cloud, Napolitano will oversee Electric Cloud’s financial activities and operations. With more than 25 years of experience in general, financial, and technology management in public and private companies, Napolitano has completed over $500M in financial transactions over his career. He has been part of industry leading teams at Paradata, Blekko, Computer Access Technologies, LeCroy, Centric Software, and Wavefront Technologies — all companies that pioneered new markets. Prior to Electric Cloud, Napolitano was CFO at Paradata.

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